Once you have created your domain email account, you can access it online through webmail.

Webmail is a web-based (online) interface where you can access and manage your email messages. An example of a webmail service is Gmail.com.

All of the domain email accounts you create comes with webmail access.

Ways to log into your webmail

There are three ways to login to your Doteasy webmail account:

Option 1: Direct URL (Easiest)

  1. Open your browser and go to https://www.doteasy.com/webmail/
  2. Enter your email address and password, then click Sign In.

    Doteasy Webmail login

Option 2: cPanel

You can also login to your webmail through the Email Accounts manager in your cPanel.

  1. Login to your Doteasy Member Zone
  2. Click Access Site Admin Panel (cPanel).

    cPanel login

  3. On the cPanel dashboard, scroll down to the Email section. Click Email Accounts.

    cPanel email accounts

  4. Scroll to the Email Accounts list to find the email account you want to sign into.
  5. Use the More drop-down menu to select Access Webmail.

    access webmail

Option 3: Custom webmail sign-in box (Advanced)

You can also create a custom webmail sign-in box and place the box on any webpage.

  1. Login to your Doteasy Member Zone
  2. Scroll to the Email section and click Email Sign-in Box…Create Code.

    create email sign in box

  3. Select the desired sign-in box design. When ready, click Next.
  4. Enter the domain name where the sign-in box will be installed.

    sign in URL for email box

  5. Enter the sign-out URL. This is the page that you will be redirected to upon webmail sign-out.

    email box sign out URL

  6. Copy and paste the generated code into the source file of your web page.