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  • Powered by Renewable Energy
  • Fast
  • 1 Website
  • ~ 30 000 Visits Monthly
  • Free SSL Included
  • Free Domain Registration
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  • Automatic Daily Backups
  • True SSD Storage
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*Promotional price is for the initial term only. Free domain available for yearly hosting plans only. Plans renew at the regular rate.

With Doteasy's Business Hosting plans, the user's cPanel control panel and all of the user's content, including website files, MySQL databases, and email, are all stored on SSDs.

Web Hosting In Canada, For Canada

By providing web hosting services out of the Greater Vancouver Area of BC, we're trusted to provide the fastest service and maximum uptime for web hosting in Canada. Our 100% Canadian web hosting is architected for resilience to ensure optimum uptime for your website. Canada has some of the most advanced and secure web hosting technology in the world: we employ a variety of strategies such as hard drive, power supply and network redundancy, as well as 24/7 hardware and server monitoring to detect and prevent any problems before they even arise.

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100% Canadian-Stored Data and Privacy Protection

Your data will be stored and safeguarded in our Canadian infrastructure, so you'll experience increased privacy and legal protection. Canada places personal privacy as a top priority, with some of the strictest privacy protection policies around the world - meaning increased protection against intrusive provisions such as USA's Patriot Act. Canadian web hosting means secure web hosting.

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We're Loved By Canadians

  • Alberta Diabetes Institute
  • BCCDC Foundation for Public Health
  • birthdocs The Family Practice Maternity Service BC Women's Hospital & Health Centre
  • Richmond Art Gallery
  • School District 46 - Sunshine Coast - Excellence in all we do!
  • New Westminster Schools
  • UBC The University of British Columbia
  • Victoria University in the University of Toronto
  • Science Al!ve Simon Fraser University Applied Science

Environmentally-Conscious Canadian Web Hosting

With our data centres located in Greater Vancouver, Canada, we are hyper conscious of our environmental impact. Canada has one of the most renewable and clean electricity systems in the world, with stricter environmental policies to encourage clean and efficient practices. Canadian web hosting at Doteasy means green web hosting, and our web hosting is powered by 100% renewable hydropower.

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Why Choose Doteasy Web Hosting Canada?

  • Blazing Fast Web Hosting

    Our data centres in Greater Vancouver, Canada ensure premium connectivity to run your websites faster than ever. Plus, unlike others, we never over crowd our web servers - providing Canadians with superior resources.

  • Be Part of the Local Solution

    Each year, Doteasy gives back to the community by sponsoring a number of local initiatives, charities, and scholarships. By supporting a local, Canadian web host, youll be lending a hand in the community.

  • 20+ Years of Canadian Web Hosting

    Trust our expertise in the web hosting industry - experience acclaimed support, technology and features that have been rated 4.7/5 by our customers.

  • The #1 Web Hosting Control Panel

    Once you try it, youll see why cPanel with CloudLinux is the most trusted pair by Canadian web hosting clients.

Start Hosting with Doteasy Canada

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Award-Winning, Local Support

Our Canadian web hosting team has been calling Vancouver, Canada home for over 20 years. Our award-winning, in-house, expert support team can help with all of your website needs through live-chat, telephone, or tickets. Find out firsthand why Canadians are known for being nice.

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Canadian Web Hosting FAQs

  • What is Canadian web hosting?

    In order for your website to be seen online, you will need web hosting! You will need a web hosting plan to store your website's files (info, images, text, and other content that makes up your site) so your website can publicly be seen on the internet.

    All of Doteasy's web hosting plans include the features for Canadian small business owners to create and run a fast and reliable website - with incredible value. Canadian web hosting clients love great features like a site builder, WordPress, domain emails, and custom domain emails. Doteasy's web hosting plans include secure SSL for free. You also get access to cPanel, the industry's leading control panel, so you can easily manage your site.

    Doteasy Web Hosting Canada is 100% Canadian owned and operated. Your web hosting will be stored on our web servers in Greater Vancouver, Canada, and our team is fully located in our Greater Vancouver offices. This means youll enjoy a truly Canadian experience - and love all the benefits of Canadian web hosting.

  • What is a domain name?

    A domain name is the name of your website. It is a memorable name that allows visitors to access your website. Every domain name is unique, which means that once you have registered a domain name, no other user can have the same domain name as you.

    A domain name is made up of letters and sometimes numbers. The last part of your domain name is the domain extension, which is also called a top-level domain (TLD). Common domain name extensions include .com, .org, .net, and more.

    At Doteasy, you can register a .ca domain name to strengthen your Canadian brand identity from only $8.50/year.

  • Is a .CA domain better than a .COM domain?

    .ca is a country specific domain, which indicates to both search engines and website visitors that your website is Canadian. If you are targeting a Canadian market, this can have many benefits for strengthening your Canadian presence and being found on Google.

    In search engines, using a .ca domain name extension can have local geo-targeting benefits, allowing your website to be ranked higher for your target audience. Having a .ca domain name extension indicates to search engines that your website is Canadian. When a user uses (versus, a .ca website address will likely be favoured in results. Local users may also be more likely to trust and choose your .ca website.

    When your website uses a .ca domain name extension, you will also stand out among .com websites. As the number of .com domain names far exceeds the number of .ca domain names, your business will also be able to compete in a more relevant - and less saturated - local market. Owning a .ca domain name offers incredible value for the price - Doteasy offers affordable .ca domains from only $8.50/year.

    Having custom domain emails with a .ca domain extension strengthens your Canadian brand identity with every email you send. All Doteasy web hosting plans include custom domain emails to allow you to continually reinforce your brand and increase customer trust.

  • What are the advantages of Canadian web hosting at Doteasy Web Hosting?

    Canadian web hosting clients have been proud to call Doteasy Web Hosting Canada their web host for over 20 years, for good reason!

    By hosting your website close to home, youll see faster website speed, local support in your language, and environmentally-conscious practices. Plus, by having your data stored in our web servers in Greater Vancouver, Canada, youll experience better data privacy protection due to Canadas strict privacy policies.

  • How is my personal information and privacy being protected?

    As a Canadian web hosting company, your website data is entirely stored on web servers on Canadian soil. Doteasy is governed by PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act), which was created to protect personal information and promote consumer trust.

    Doteasy is also regulated by the BC's PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act) as a British Columbia provincial corporation, and must follow strict guidelines for the collection and use of the personal data of all of our web hosting customers.

    All communication with our clients are in compliance with CASL (Canada's Anti-Spam Legislation), which protects consumers from spam and electronic threats.

    We protect all customer payment data, as our system is regularly monitored and certified for PCI Compliance, to follow and achieve the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS).

    Our secure web hosting protects against cyber attacks and network security breaches, and we employ enterprise-grade firewall & DDoS attack protection.

    As a 100% Canadian web hosting company, we take customer privacy and security very seriously. You can trust Doteasy Web Hosting Canada to protect your data for secure web hosting services.

  • Many "Canadian" web hosts actually have web servers outside of Canada. At Doteasy, where will web hosting be stored and provided from?

    Doteasy Web Hosting Canada is entirely Canadian owned and operated. Our web servers and team are located in British Columbia, Canada, providing 100% Canadian web hosting. This means your data will be stored on Canadian soil, and is protected by Canadas strict privacy protection policies. Our support team is also very Canadian - and very friendly.

  • If I already have a website, can I transfer my site to Doteasy?

    Of course! If youre ready to see the benefits of Canadian web hosting at Doteasy, our experts can help you transfer your domain to Doteasy. You will also keep the remaining time on your current registration, plus at least a full year of domain registration extension with Doteasy (depending on the term length you choose).

    We can also help you migrate your website files to Doteasy for free, so you can easily transfer your web hosting. Just contact our team for more details:

  • Why are your prices in USD?

    While we are located in Greater Vancouver, Canada, were loved by users around the world! The American dollar is used as the standard unit of currency in international markets for certain commodities. As a non-U.S. company dealing in globalized markets, we list our prices in American dollars (with the exception of .ca domain names) in order to standardize our pricing.

  • Do your Canadian web hosting solutions include email?

    All Doteasy web hosting plans include custom emails at your domain name for free! Doteasy users also get email hosting so you can store your emails. Professional domain emails are crucial for a successful Canadian business, which is why we equip our web hosting plans with the tools for your online presence to succeed.

    A custom domain email ( makes your brand credible and leads customers to trust your business... in fact, 33% of users doubt the trustworthiness of a business without a custom domain email. A professional email address allows you to promote your business with each email you send, encouraging potential customers to visit your website and remember your brand.

  • Why do I need a domain email?

    33% of users doubt the trustworthiness of a business without a custom domain email. Using your custom domain name in your email address ( adds credibility to your brand and creates a sense of trust throughout your customer communications. A professional email address allows you to promote your business with each email you send, encouraging potential customers to visit your website and remember your brand. Having a custom domain email helps Canadian business owners create a consistent and professional online presence - which is why Doteasy includes domain email accounts for free in all Canadian web hosting plans.

  • Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

    Yes! We want you to be in love with our web hosting services - and we're confident our service speaks for itself. If you are unsatisfied with Doteasy Canadian web hosting in any way, just let us know within 30 days of sign up, and you'll receive a refund on your web hosting, minus any domain fees. Domain registration costs are non-refundable. For full details, visit our terms: