Auto Site Backup

  • Automatically backup and restore lost files & data
  • Powerful version control compatibility
  • Hassle free database backup
  • Automatic Daily Backups

    The Auto Site Backup service makes daily backups of your site to help you protect your data. It's done automatically so you can rest easy.

  • Backup Version Control

    Multiple versions of your site are available in the backup archives so you can choose the version that you need. The Auto Site Backup service will also compare each backup and allow you to download only the files that have changed saving you valuable time.

  • One-click Restore

    Browse for the files that you need and restore them to your site with a simple click. The current files will then be replaced by the backup.

  • Restore Tables and Databases

    You have the flexibility to restore entire MySQL databases or just individual tables. This is perfect if your databases get corrupted, or if you need to revert back to a previous version.

  • Recover Single or Multiple Files

    You have the choice to recover individual or multiple files and folders. Why go through the hassle of restoring every single file when you only need certain ones?

  • Download Files to a .ZIP Archive

    You can backup your files to your desktop through FTP that you can access them offline at any time.

Lack of time to do backups?

Doteasy's Auto Site Backup service is quick and easy and will give you peace of mind.

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  • Does Doteasy use tiered pricing for the Auto Site Backup service?

    We believe peace of mind through backups is a necessity and should be accessible to everyone. With one single low cost subscription, all of the domains under your Doteasy account are protected by Auto Site Backup service - we don't place limits on your domains or backup storage.

    For all Business Hosting plans and above, we include the Auto Site Backup service for free as part of your plan!

  • I have many addon domains, how many domains does my backup service cover?

    Unlike our competitors, ALL of the domains under your Doteasy hosting plan will be covered by the Doteasy Auto Site Backup service. No additional costs are needed for additional domains!

  • What is the storage limit for backups?

    We don't place arbitrary limits on your backup storage space! Rest assured that all of the storage space needed to store your backups is included.

  • What is backed up by Doteasy Auto Site Backups?

    Doteasy Auto Site Backups will store backups of everything in the cPanel, including:

    • your website files and images
    • scripts and applications used your website
    • MySQL databases
    • email files
  • Are emails included in my backups?

    Yes! You can easily restore your domain emails with the Doteasy Auto Site Backup service.

  • Can I create backups anytime?

    Yes, whenever you like! You can make a backup anytime in the cPanel, which is great idea before performing any site updates or changes. Backups are also made automatically once per day, for hassle-free peace of mind.

  • Why is Auto Site Backup an additional service that I need?

    Although our Shared Web Hosting plans include backups on the server for basic security, the Auto Site Backup service offers more control and protection against lost website data. Doteasy Auto Site Backup allows you to easily restore files when you need it, have more control over backups, and frequently makes backups of your most updated website versions.

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