Energy-Efficient Web Hosting

Environmentally-Conscious Canadian Web Hosting

Doteasy web hosting is run by 100% renewable power. Our data centres are maintained using energy-efficient water-cooled chillers, which consume less energy and have greater longevity than air-chilled coolers. Doteasy data centres are located in Canada, which has one of the most renewable and clean electricity systems in the world, plus strict environmental policies to encourage clean and efficient practices.

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Green Office Practices

Maintaining a Sustainable Work Culture

Our eco-friendly mindset extends to our everyday office practices. We use energy-efficient lighting to reduce emissions. Office supplies are purchased thoughtfully for longevity, and we prioritize fixing and reusing before we dispose responsibly. Our green office culture strives to reduce waste, and we've implemented a thorough recycling program and bottleless filtered water coolers.

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Why Choose Green Web Hosting at Doteasy

  • Eco-Friendly Website Badges

    Display your ethical web hosting choice with an eco-friendly badge on your website.

  • Powered by Renewable Energy

    All data servers are run by renewable hydropower in BC, Canada.

  • Green Business Bureau Certified

    Trust a web host that is verified as a green choice by the Green Business Bureau.

  • Green Office Practices

    We maintain sustainability by reducing our waste and energy footprint in our office culture.

  • Community-Growth Initiatives

    Each year, Doteasy gives back to the community by sponsoring a number of local initiatives, charities, and scholarships.

  • Choose Where We Give to Green Charities

    Upon becoming a Doteasy member, you can choose where we make a donation with a green gift!

Green Website Badges

Show You Care with Eco-Friendly Badges

Verify your green web hosting choice by proudly displaying eco-friendly badges on your website. As a Doteasy web hosting client, you'll have access to a variety of badges to show your commitment to the environment. Find your Eco-Friendly badge in the Member Zone, and easily add it anywhere on your website.

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Green Gift

Choose Where We Give

Every day, Doteasy Web Hosting contributes a portion of our revenue to various green initiatives around the world. As a Doteasy web hosting member, you're in control of our contributions - just log into your Member Zone after signup, and choose where you'd like us to make a donation.

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  • Why green web hosting?

    The web hosting industry generates considerable emissions and can be very harmful to the environment. Websites are powered by servers that require a lot of electricity to both run and maintain. In many places, this electricity is produced by burning coal or fossil fuels.

    At Doteasy Web Hosting, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint by providing green web hosting, powered by renewable hydroelectricity. Green is in more than just our logo - we pledge to reduce our carbon and waste footprint in our web hosting technology and everyday office life. We also offer incentives and support initiatives to extend this green mindset to our employees, customers and community.

  • What makes Doteasy a certified green web host?

    Doteasy is a certified member of Green Business Bureau, the trusted authority in green business. GBB provides tools for businesses to implement and certify green initiatives. Doteasy's eco-friendly business, office and community practices have been validated through their EcoAssessment™, earning Doteasy a Platinum level of green certification.

  • Why should I choose green web hosting at Doteasy?

    By choosing green web hosting at Doteasy, you are making a difference for the planet. As a Green Business Bureau certified green host, Doteasy powers your websites using renewable energy, reduces waste through sustainable practices and contributes to green charities around the world.

    Not only does choosing a green web host help the planet, it's good for your company as well! These days, consumers are aware of the need for sustainability. Knowing that you are committed to the environment can allow them to view your business favourably.

    When you host your website with Doteasy, we provide eco-friendly hosting badges that you can place on your website to certify that your website is environmentally responsible.

  • How do I add the eco-friendly badge to my website?

    Prove your commitment to the planet by placing an eco-friendly web hosting badge on your website. Eco-friendly badges can raise awareness about green practices, and can cause visitors to view your business more favourably.

    You can access eco-friendly website badges in the Member Zone. Just choose a badge design, copy the code snippet, and add it to the desired area on your website. If you need help, feel free to contact our team!

  • What are the benefits of displaying an eco-friendly badge?

    Adding an eco-friendly website badge to your website indicates to site visitors that you are making a difference for the environment.

    Green business practices can help you stand out from the competition, and can cause visitors to view your business favourably. 83% of consumers consider the environment as part of their purchasing habits, and having an eco-friendly badge can help you earn their trust and support.

    Furthermore, having an eco-friendly website badge can raise awareness about the need for sustainable practices, and visitors can learn more about ways to reduce their carbon footprint. Your eco-friendly choice can inspire website visitors to consider adopting other eco-conscious practices.

    If your company offers sustainable products or follows other planet-positive practices, it makes sense to host your website with a sustainable web host. An eco-friendly badge can help you align with your company's values.

    You can access eco-friendly website badges in the Member Zone, under Green Web Hosting. Just choose a badge design, copy the code snippet, and add it to the desired area on your website. If you need help, feel free to contact our team!

  • What is a Doteasy "green gift"?

    As part of our pledge to the planet, Doteasy contributes to various green initiatives around the world. As a Doteasy web hosting member, YOU control where we make donations. Each and every day, Doteasy contributes a portion of our revenues to various green charities. Upon becoming a Doteasy member, you can log into the Member Zone and let us know where to allocate your Doteasy green gift.

  • What is the difference between water-cooled chillers and air-chilled coolers?

    Cooling systems are needed to cool servers in order to keep them running reliably, efficiently, and safely. At Doteasy, we employ water-chilled coolers to maintain the safety of our servers through energy-efficient means. Water-chilled coolers rely on the high heat capacity of water to facilitate chilling of refrigerant. Cooling occurs when chilled refrigerant is passed through a heat exchanger.

    Water-chilled coolers are less dependent on ambient environmental air temperatures, and less energy is needed to achieve and maintain the desired temperature. This is in contrast to air-chilled coolers, where more energy is needed to pump air through a heat exchanger in order to reach the desired temperatures.