Exceptional Web Design Service at an Exceptional Price

While many web design firms and freelance designers charge thousands of dollars for a website, you can get the same quality design and much more for only a fraction of the price with the Doteasy All-in-One Web Design Package.

Our complete website solution package includes:

    • A Professionally designed 5 page website
    • 2 website apps *
    • Smart phone and tablet compatibility
    • Professional stock images
    • Up to 2 website revisions
    • Google search engine optimization (SEO)
    • Free Facebook business page integration (Regular price $45)
    • A custom domain name (i.e. www.yourcompany.com)
    • Custom email addresses (i.e. info@yourcompany.com)
    • One-on-one design consultation
  • * Available Website Apps Include
    • Photo Gallery
    • Blog
    • Maps
    • WebForms
    • E-Commerce
    • Social Media Integration
    • Image Slideshow

What are you losing by NOT having a website? Customers.

  • 1. Your customers are online

    More than 80% of the population in Canada1 and the US2 are online. Consumers use the Internet to search for products and services they need before they make a purchase. People don't use phone books to look up businesses anymore – they assume your company has a website. A small business without a website is virtually invisible to consumers.

    But what if your customers are not online? If you are referring to consumers from an older demographic, don't be surprised at the number of adults over 50 using the Internet. Studies3 have shown that the older population are among the fastest-growing demographics online.

  • 2. When customers can't find you online or if your website is not mobile-friendly, it raises a red flag

    Does this company really exist? Can I trust them?

    Even when consumers don't purchase online, they research and look online before they buy. A good website gives people confidence about your business.

    According to a study by Adobe4 and Google5, smartphones are becoming the preferred form of web access for consumers, making them an integral part of the purchase process – more than half of consumers purchase as a result of conducting a search on the smartphone, whether it is product, service or retailer information.

    In other words, you need a professionally designed website that is mobile-friendly. A study done by Google6 shows that the majority of smartphone users say they are more likely to go and look elsewhere if a business doesn't have a website, or if the website is not mobile-friendly. So, not having a mobile-friendly website helps your competitors.

    Remember, having only a Facebook page is not enough. Most businesses have a Facebook or Twitter page for their company, but mobile users' first reaction isn't to look up a menu or store hours on Facebook.

  • 3. Customers want information 24/7

    No more turning customers away when it is time to close shop, or leaving a message on your answering machine specifying your hours of operation. By providing a website, you offer customers the convenience of instant information anytime, anywhere even when your store or office is closed. The potential customer can check out your products or services whenever they like in their own privacy and comfort, without the stresses and distractions that exist in the real world (i.e. traffic, parking, call centre agents, etc.)

  • 4. Only half of your competitors have a website

    While the majority of consumers are online, less than half of small businesses in Canada7 and the US8 have a website. With more consumers turning to the Internet for pre-purchase research, many businesses are awaking to the fact that they are being left behind. The Internet is a level playing field for small businesses. You can make your company look just as good as bigger competitors, for very little money. So why would you pass up that chance, especially when only half of your competitors have websites? Even if your business' website lists little more than your latest products and services, your company profile and address and your opening hours, maintaining a web presence will give you the edge over more technophobic competitors.

    While it is possible to create a web presence without a full website thanks to services like Yelp or other social media outlets, you don't control any of those. Small business owners need to not only create a web presence, but to control it as well. Without a real website, you lose the ability to differentiate yourself and/or take advantage of search engine's ranking power and their bias over local results.

    Don't get left behind. Get steps ahead of your competitors!

  • 5. A website saves you time and money

    Although the cost of designing a website varies, once it is up and running, a website for a small business generally costs under $100 a month. Compared with the cost of a newspaper ad, when you consider the potential market you can reach with your website, it is a very cost effective way to promote your business. It is much easier and quicker to update information on your website than in print material. Unlike print ads which quickly become outdated, your website can provide current information and news.

    Providing information to your customers take time, whether it is on the phone, face-to-face, in a brochure or in emails. With a website, you can provide a lot of information about your products and services – text, images, demo videos, etc. Once your website is up and running, the information is available to your customers indefinitely, saving you time.

  • 6. Consumers trust each other more than they trust you or advertisers

    There are more than 18 million Facebook users in Canada9 and more than 163 million in the US10. That's more than 50% of the population of Canada and the US. Turn it to your advantage. By integrating social networks into your website you will be providing your customers an easy way to recommend your business.

1 Google Engage Canada, Sept 2012 2 Internet World Stats, Dec 2012 3 Princeton Survey Research Associates International, March 2012 4 Adobe Mobile Survey, Aug 2012 5 The Mobile Movement (Google), 2011 6 Google GoMo (HowtoGoMo.com), 2012 7 Google Canada, 2011 8 Entrepreneur.com, 2010 9, 10 SocialBakers.com, Feb 2013

Doteasy VS. Web Design Agency VS. Freelance Designer

Doteasy. The best of both worlds.

A common question is whether you should hire a web design agency or a freelance designer, and how does Doteasy compare.


All-in-One Website

Web design agency

Freelance designer


Doteasy All-in-One Website
There is no middleman. Because the Doteasy in-house web design team is part of the existing Doteasy.com family, we are keeping the overheads to a minimal to offer you a more competitive rate.
Web design agency
Generally a web design agency will charge you more: you are paying for the skills and expertise of an entire design team. You may get discounted rates if you also purchase add-on services such as search engine optimization and social media marketing.
Freelance designer
A freelance designer often works from home when it is convenient. With little overheads to cover, many freelance designers are able to charge less.

Skill Sets
(Range of Experience)

Doteasy All-in-One Website
When it comes to experience and professionalism there is far less risk when working with Doteasy. We have been in the industry since 2000 and our team consists of experienced designers, developers and customer service representatives.
Web design agency
An agency can draw on a pool of talent with a broader skill set to find unique design solutions. More heads are always better than one!
Freelance designer
A freelancer often just draws on their own experience.

Additional Services and Skills

Doteasy All-in-One Website
In additional to website design, we also offer domain name registrations, hosting and email services. We also have SEO experts and social media consultants on our team.
Web design agency
A full-service design agency may also have team members such as SEO experts, SEO copywriters, link building analysts, social media consultants and branding experts.
Freelance designer
While it’s plausible a freelancer could be an expert in one or more niches, it’s unlikely they have the specialist knowledge and expertise an agency can deliver.

Project Management

Doteasy All-in-One Website
You will have direct access to your website designer during office hours. And because our designers have both technical and customer service background, we speak to you in a language you understand, without losing your ideas on a technical aspect.
Web design agency
Agencies often assign account managers who are your sole contact and you may not be able to speak to designers directly. The positive is that the account manager may speak to you in a language you understand minus the jargon but if they do not have a technical background, some of your ideas may get lost in translation.
Freelance designer
With a freelancer, you will be able to speak to them directly but it may be harder to get a hold of them.

Doteasy Web Design Process :: How we work with you to build your website

1. Order & Payment

Once you have decided to use Doteasy Design Services, we process payment as deposit for the work to be done.

2. Consultation

One on One consultation session with one of our Web Consultant. During this time we will:

  • View and pick a theme
  • Decide on pages (i.e. Home, About Us, Menu, Portfolio, etc.) need and discuss on content and photos to be place on each page
3. Providing Your Content

Once the consultation is over, the project will be on hold until you have provided all page content and photos. Please send your content files (logo, photos, text, etc.) through email.

4. Content Review

When we have your content and photos in hand, our Web Developers will review the project to ensure the work requested fits within our Web Design Package:

  • Up to five pages
  • Up to ten hours of work
  • Up to two hours of revisions
5. Development of Your Website

If the project remains with the package allowances, we begin work. But if the project exceeds the package allowances, our Web Developers will provide a quote for the addition work that needs to be done.

Quotes are provided in terms of hours required for the additional work at the cost US$75 per hour

At this time, you can decide to either Accept or Cancel the project.

  • If you Accept, we will begin working on your site.
  • If you Cancel, we refund in full the initial payment.
6. Revision #1

First draft of our work will be provided within two weeks (additional time maybe required depending on the defined areas of the project).

7. Revision #1 Feedback

Once you have reviewed our first draft, you can provide to us areas which you wish to revise. (One hour of revision work included. Additional hours can be purchased at US$75 per hour)

8. Revision #2

Second draft (with revisions) will be provided to you within a week (additional time maybe required if major changes are required).

9. Revision #2 Feedback

Once you have reviewed our second draft, you can again provide to us areas which you wish to revise. (One hour of revision work included. Additional hours can be purchased at US$75 per hour)

10. Final Copy

Final Copy (with revisions) will be provided to you within week (additional time maybe required if major changes are required).

11. Additional Changes (If Any)

If any further changes are required, additional hours can be purchased at US$75 per hour.

12. Delivery

If no further revisions are required, we will consider the project completed and make your new website live for public viewing.

Cancellation and Refund - Project cancellation is possible but only a partial refund will be offer depending on stage of the project.

  • Once work has begun; only 75% of cost will be refunded.
  • Once first draft has been completed; only 25% of the cost will be refunded.
  • Once second draft has been completed; only 10% of the cost will be refunded.
  • No refund will be give once Final Copy has been completed.
Our Web Design experts are happy to assist you. Contact Us