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When you refer a friend, they'll get $3 off any domain or hosting service, and you'll get rewarded with credit when they join us.

The more friends you invite, the more credit you'll get towards future Doteasy services.

See our Rewards Tier to see how much you'll get!

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Rewards FAQs
  • How does it work?

    Just share your link with friends and family. They'll get $3 off any Doteasy service, and you'll earn credit for every successful, qualifying sign-up.

  • Who is eligible to earn rewards?

    Any active Doteasy member is eligible to share the Doteasy love and earn rewards.

  • What is a qualifying sign-up?

    To count as a qualifying sign-up, your referred friend must be a new Doteasy member who makes their first domain or hosting purchase through your referral link. Your reward will be based on the first product in their shopping cart. A sign-up does not qualify if the purchase is unsuccessful (e.g. a refund is made after the purchase). Please note that you will receive your reward 45 days after the referred sign-up has been activated. This allows us to track returns and verify that the purchase is successful.

    Please refer to our Referral Rewards Program Terms and Conditions for details.

  • When do I qualify for reward credit?

    Around 45 days after a qualifying referred sign-up has been made, you will see a reward that is ready to be claimed in your Member Zone. In the Member Zone, you'll see your amount of redeemable rewards under the Reward Summary with a link that says "Redeem for Credit."

  • Does this referral program cost money to join?

    This program is absolutely free! Just share your link with friends and family, and you'll earn credit for every successful, qualifying sign-up.

  • Where can I find my unique referral link to start sharing?

    Log into your Member Zone to find your unique link.

  • How much credit will I be rewarded?

    Your reward will be based on the first product in your friend's shopping cart. For domain referrals, you'll receive $1 credit for each year of the initial sign-up term. For hosting referrals, see the Rewards Tier to see how much you'll earn!

  • Do I need a minimum referral balance to redeem my reward?

    Redeem your reward at any time! Once you see a reward is ready in the Member Zone, you can convert it to store credit to use right away. No minimum balance is required!

  • How do I redeem my credit?

    Once a successful, qualifying sign-up is made through your referral link, you will see a reward amount in your Member Zone. (Note that it will take 45 days to determine if the referred sign-up is successful.) Simply click the "Redeem For Credit" button, and your reward amount will be converted into in-store credit, which can be used for domain or hosting renewals, plan upgrades or add-ons. Note that credit cannot be used towards new domain or new account sign-ups.

    Once rewards are redeemed for credit, credit will be automatically applied towards future eligible Doteasy purchases in your account.

  • Is there a limit to how much you can earn?

    Sky's the limit! Keep earning and spreading the Doteasy love.

  • Can I earn rewards by referring the same friend more than once?

    We know you're excited to spread the word, but referral rewards can only be earned from brand new Doteasy member sign-ups.

  • How do you track sign-ups through my referral link?

    We will track and store the visits of your referral link in the browser session. In order for Doteasy to track that a sign-up was made through your referral link, your friend must complete a purchase in the same browser session.

  • Can I sign up on my friend's behalf to receive a referral reward?

    We would highly recommend that all referred users sign up for their own accounts, which will help to avoid referral tracking errors that could prevent you from being able to receive your reward. We also thank you for helping us spread the love of Doteasy more readily!

  • What is a pending reward?

    Under the Reward Summary section in your Member Zone, you may see a "pending" reward. This is an estimated amount of potential referral rewards. Referred sign-ups need to be verified as successful before the amount can be redeemed (approx. 45 days after a referred sign-up). When rewards are ready to be redeemed for in-store credit, you will see a link that allows you to "Redeem for Credit."

  • I don't see my referral reward! How can I track this down?

    You will see your referral reward 45 days after a qualified referral sign-up has been approved and activated by Doteasy. If more than 45 days has passed and you don't see your reward in the Member Zone, feel free to use this form to contact us and help us track it down.