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Set Up: Creating a database user in cPanel

After creating a database, you will need to create a database user and add their privileges to the newly created database.


  • You must create MySQL user accounts separately from mail and web accounts.
  • You must create a user before you can add the user to an existing database.
  1. Click MySQL Databases under Databases in cPanel.

    Doteasy cPanel MySQL Database

  2. Under MySQL Users > Add New User, enter the MySQL username in the Username text box.

    Doteasy cPanel MySQL adding user

  3. In the Password text box, enter the user password.
  4. In the Password (Again) text box, retype the user password.
  5. When ready, click Create User.

Once you have added the new user, it will be added to the Current Users table.

Next step: You will need to add the user to a database.