To add a MySQL user to a database:

  1. Click MySQL Databases under Databases in cPanel.

    Doteasy cPanel MySQL database

  2. Under Add User to Database, select the user that you want to add from the User drop-down menu.

    Doteasy cPanel adding user to database

  3. In the Database drop-down menu, select the database.

    Doteasy cPanel adding user to database

  4. Click Add.
  5. Select the privileges you want to grant the user, or click ALL PRIVILEGES to grant the user all permissions to the database.

    Doteasy cPanel user to database all privileges

  6. When ready, click Make Changes.

    Doteasy cPanel MySQL making changes to privileges

That’s it! You can now see the user assigned to the database in the Current Databases table.

Doteasy cPanel current database