WinSCP can be downloaded free of charge from

  1. Download the WinSCP software and install it onto your computer.

    download WinSCP

    If you need assistance, you can follow WinSCP’s step-by-step installation guide.

  2. Start WinSCP.
  3. On the Login window, select FTP from the File Protocol drop-down menu.

    file protocol WinSCP

  4. From the Encryption drop-down menu, select TLS/SSL Explicit encryption.

    TLS SSL winSCP

  5. Enter your FTP login settings.

    FTP login winSCP

  6. When ready, click Login.

Once you’re connected to your server, the left panel will show the files and folders on your computer and the right panel will show the files and folders on your Doteasy server. 

Your web files need to be uploaded to the /public_html/ folder. Simply double-click on the /public_html/ folder.

public HTML WinSCP 

The easiest way to copy file to and from the server is to simply drag and drop them from one side to the other.