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FTP Instructions for Add-on Domains

Once your add-on domain has been added to your hosting plan, you can start uploading your web files. Please note that only add-on domain features may vary depending on your Doteasy hosting services. Visit our Hosting plan service page to learn details of the add-on domain features for each of our hosting plan. To learn the steps for adding your add-on domain to your hosting plan, please refer to the section “Adding the add-on domain to your Unlimited Hosting account” in this article.

Setup Instructions

  1. Start your FTP software
  2. Define your FTP connection session as follows:

    FTP Host = (replace with your add-on domain name)

    FTP Directory = /

    FTP Username = your add-on domain's username (setup in your cPanel's add-on domains section)

    FTP Password = your add-on domain's password

    Click OK or Connect

  3. Your FTP software interface should divide your screen into two sides. The Local System represents your computer and the Remote System represents the web server.Your web files need to be uploaded to the / directory on the Remote System.

    / is your HTML root location.

  4. To upload files (send files from your computer to the server), find and select the file(s) that you wish to transfer, then click the upload arrow buttons. You can make multiple file selections by holding down the CTRL key as you select files.

    If you edit/make changes to a page, uploading it to web server and overwriting the old file will update that file and changes should be visible to you immediately. `If changes cannot be seen after you have uploaded new files to your server, try clearing your browser cache known as the Temporary Internet Files in IE browsers.