Cyberduck can be downloaded free of charge from

  1. Download the Cyberduck software and install it onto your Mac computer.

    download Mac Cyberduck

  2. Open Cyberduck.
  3. Click Open Connection to start a new FTP connection.

    Cyberduck open connection

  4. On the Open Connection window, select FTP-SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS).

    cyberduck FTP SSL

  5. Enter the following connection settings:
    • Server: (replace with your own domain name)
    • Username: your FTP username
    • Password: your FTP password
  6. Click More Options. In the Path  field, enter /public_html/
  7. From the Connect Mode drop-down menu, select Passive (PASV).

    Cyberduck passive mode

  8. Click Connect to connect to your FTP server.

NOTE: The first time you connect using FTP-SSL, you may get a “Verify Certificate” pop up. This is a simply precautionary warning and all you need to do is check the Always trust… option. 

Once you have established connection with your server, you will see a list of the folders and files your FTP account has access to. Simply drag and drop the files into Cyberduck to upload the them to your server.