Cyberduck can be downloaded free of charge from

  1. Download the Cyberduck software and install it onto your computer.

    download Cyberduck

  2. Open Cyberduck.
  3. Click Open Connection to start a new FTP connection.
  4. On the Open Connection window, you will be prompted to enter your FTP login information. From the drop-down menu, select FTP – SSL (Explicit AUTH TLS).


  5. Enter the following connection settings:
    • Server: (replace with your own domain name)
    • Username: your FTP username 
    • Password: your FTP password
  6. Click More Options. In the Path  field, enter /public_html/
  7. From the Connect Mode drop-down menu, select Passive (PASV).

    Cyberduck passive mode

  8. Click Connect to connect to your FTP server.

NOTE: The first time you connect using FTP-SSL, you may get a “Verify Certificate” pop up. This is a simply precautionary warning and all you need to do is check the Always trust… option. 

Once you have established connection with your server, you will see a list of the folders and files your FTP account has access to. Simply drag and drop the files into Cyberduck to upload the them to your server.