• For Domain User (Admin), you may log into the Email Protection System through Doteasy Member Zone - > Hosting - > Spam & Email Virus Protection (Click "Manage" to proceed).

     Doteasy SpamExperts Email Protection System

  • For individual Email User, you may log into the Email Protection System here: https://app.mymailhosting.com

    SpamExperts Log-in

Click on Sender allow list, under the Incoming - Protection Settings of the left menu or in the Incoming - Protection Settings section of the Dashboard.

Left Menu
Left Menu



Click Add allow list sender to create a new whitelist entry.

Sender allow list

For Local-part you leave it blank if the rule applies to everyone under your domain. If the rule is only for a certain user, then you would enter their username here (i.e. sales for sales@sampledomain.net). For the Address, you can enter the email address you wish to whitelist.

To whitelist the entire domain of a company you want to receive from, all you need to enter is the domain (i.e For support@myhostingcompany.com enter myhostingcompany.com).

Add allow list sender 

Steps are basically the same for blacklisting. Just go to Sender Block List instead.