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Doteasy Web Tools Introduction

What are the Web Tools?

The Doteasy Web Tools are a suite of handy plug-in tools provided to Doteasy customers that allows the addition of dynamic database-driven website functionality without needing to have account scripting capability. These tools can be used by anyone with a Doteasy account.

Why are they called plug-in tools?

Plug-in tools refers to the fact that the tools can be easily inserted or "plugged-in" to a web page simply by cutting and pasting a line of HTML code into your webpage HTML. Complicated programming or script customization is not necessary.

What functionality to the Web Tools provide?

Web Directory - This is a great tool that you can use to create and manage a categorized list of links. Swap links with sites you like or let your visitors add their own favorite websites to your directory.

Web Polls - Get feedback from your visitors and see the results in real-time by setting up a Web Poll. It's simple to customize and install, and simple for visitors to cast their vote!

Tell-A-Friend - Add the Tell-A-Friend tool to your pages and your website visitors can easily send emails to friends that they wish to recommend your site to.

Guestbook - The Guestbook is the perfect way to let your visitors leave a public message for all to see. It's very simple to use!

FAQ - The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) tool allows you to set up and maintain categorized question and answer sets to give visitors helpful information about your products or services.

Mailing List - Keep your visitors up to date with your latest news or changes with an email mailing list. Send HTML or Plain text messages and manage your list subscribers with the easy-to-use Mailing List control panel.

Hit Counter - This simple hit counter will provide page hit information to you at-a-glance for simple hit statistics information.

Email Form - The Email Form service allows your visitors to send you feedback about your website, or provide you with needed information via a customizable web form which can be embedded right into your pages.

Tools Demo

Web Directory FAQ
Web Polls Mailing List
Tell-A-Friend Hit Counter
Guestbook Email Form


Setting Up Doteasy Web Tools

Login to Doteasy Member Zone.

NOTE: We recommend using the latest version of Netscape 7.01 or Internet Explorer 6.0. Other versions may have display problems.

Once you login to Member Zone, you will see the Doteasy Web Tools box. The Web Tools will require activation for first time users. Click on the link to activate your account Web Tools. Once activated, your Web Tools menu will display the full list of functions.

Web Tools Not Activated
To setup a Web Tool, click on the name of the Web Tool you wish to setup.


Web Tools Activated
Click on a Web Tool name in the box below to view the Configuration details.

View Tools Configuration Details

Web Directory FAQ
Web Polls Mailing List
Tell-A-Friend Hit Counter
Guestbook Email Form

Once you have configured your Web Tool, you will need to publish it by inserting the Web Tool HTML code into your web page HTML. To do this, first click on the "Publish Hit Counter (Get HTML Code)" link. This will link to the Plug-in Code Window.

Then you need to copy the entire lines of HTML code for pasting into you HTML page. Select the entire block of code and press CTRL-C to copy. The Web Tool can only be installed at the URL listed on the page. Click "Finish" to close the dialog box.

Tip: You can insert your mouse cursor in the text box and press CTRL-A to select all, and CTRL-C to copy.

Open the HTML page to which you would like to add the Web Tool in a text editor such as Notepad or Macpad. Please the cursor in between the <body> and </body> tags of the HTML code.

Line breaks or word-wrapping cannot be introduced into the Web Tools plug-in code which is why it's important to use a text editor to paste the plug-in code and not a word processor.

Tip: The position within the <body> and </body> tags of the HTML code that you paste the Web Tools HTML code to, determines where it will appear on the page. If you want the Web Tool to appear at a lower position on the page, paste it closer to the </body> tag.

After you have successfully pasted the HTML code into your web page, save the changes and close your text editor software.

Start your FTP software to upload your updated page to your server. If your FTP software asks you if you would like to overwrite the existing version of the page, you may reply us. Remember to refresh your web browser to properly display the changes.


Please be advised that Web Tools will not display until they are PUBLISHED to your server. Therefore it is impossible to preview how the Web Tool will look on your.

If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team:

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