Doteasy Tutorial - Transfer Hosting

Transfer Hosting - Yahoo! Domains

If your domain is registered with Yahoo! Domains, please follow this tutorial to guide you through the DNS changes required to activate your Doteasy account.

Do you have the old version Yahoo! Domains control panel? If this control panel does not resemble yours Click Here.

Part I - Login

Visit and login with your Yahoo! ID and Password.

Click Domain Control Panel.

Click Advanced DNS Settings to enter nameserver modification page.

Click Change Nameservers to modify the existing nameservers.

Enter the assigned Doteasy Nameservers for you domain name and click Submit.

* Note - In this example and are used as the assigned DNS nameservers. Your account may not be assigned to the same DNS nameservers.

Please check your DNS modification instructions sent to you via email to find out your assigned DNS servers.

Click Domain Control Panel to return main menu.

Part II - Technical Contact Modification

In the Domain Control Panel, click Registration Info.

Click Edit to modify the technical contact information.

Update the Technical & Zone Contact to the following info:

Domain Technical Info:
Contact Name: Domain Hostmaster
Position: Doteasy Technology Inc.
Street Address: Suite 210 - 3602 Gilmore Way
City: Burnaby
Province/State: BC
Postal/Zip Code: V5G 4W9
Country: Canada
Phone Number: (604) 434-4307
Fax Number: (604) 608-6832

Click Update to submit changes.

Changes are complete. Click Sign Out.


If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team:

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