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Setting up FrontPage Email Forms (EM)

* This tutorial is only for subscribers of the FrontPage Extensions Optional Feature or Ultra Hosting or Windows Ultra Hosting services.

If you are using FrontPage to create your website, the FrontPage email forms are a handy tool to allow your website visitors to submit information to you through your web page and have that information sent to your email address. This tutorial guides you through the process of creating an email form and defining the recipient email address.

Part A - Your Mail Server Name

Login to Doteasy Webmail to view your email server host name. After you login to Webmail, the URL address of the Webmail connection will display your email server host name. In this example the email server host name is Once you have found the host name, you may logout of Webmail and close your browser.


Part B - Creating Your Email Form in FrontPage

Start FrontPage and open your FrontPage web. Start up your Microsoft FrontPage software and click on File then select Open Web.

Open the page on which you wish to add the email form or create a new page. Click on the Create New Normal Page icon.

Click on Insert then select Form, then click Form to insert a form on your page. Click Insert then select Form, then click Textbox or Checkbox to fields that you require.

Click on Insert then select Form, then click Form Properties... to define the form recipient email address.

In the E-mail address field specify recipient email address using the following format:

The recipient email address in this example is, however the email address must be specified as where is the website domain name and where is the email server host name.

Click 'Ok'.

Click File, select Save or Save As to save your changes.

Congratulations. You have successfully specifed your FrontPage email form recipient email address.



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