The following are just some of the positive things that our clients are saying about us. We are pleased to find that our service is such a success and can be so beneficial to so many individuals and small business clients.

What our clients are saying about us

"I am a loyal DotEasy customer! For eighteen years I have been delighted with the quality of service that DotEasy brings. Both the product and technical support are consistently excellent. Today, Kelvin provided outstanding service. Not only did he quickly identify and resolve my initial issue but he made certain that all of my other non-related questions were fully and completely answered. Beyond all that - Kelvin evaluated my entire portfolio and identified a couple of other issues that might have caused me trouble in the future. He took care of every one them in a systematic, comprehensive way and made certain that I was fully apprised each change. He guide me through the setup steps for changes that only the site owner (I) could make because of security and privilege limitations. I am a loyal DotEasy customer!"

Russell Berry, Virginia, Feb 10, 2021 

"Long time customer - for a reason. I've had several domains here since they started. Affordable solid hosting and no-hassle domains."

JJ Gross, Wisconsin, Nov 21, 2020 

"I've been using doteasy for about 15 years now and the support is fantastic. adding additional services is super easy as well. I honestly can't think of anything they could do to make it better."

Randy Nowell, California, Nov 09, 2020 

"Nothing but positive experiences in the half dozen or so transactions I've done with them. Surprised when a representative contacted me not because anything was wrong but as a follow up to another transaction. The only time I've been contacted by other registrars is when they noticed I had transferred several domains away from them."

Nathan McRae, BC Canada, Mar 28, 2020 

"The GREATEST Host you will ever have on your team!

I love Doteasy, this high-tech web hosting company, has the BEST customer service department on planet earth. How do I know this? Because of personal experience, resulting in me-- remaining a happy and thoroughly satisfied customer, since 2008.

My experience has ONLY been OUTSTANDING! The staff members are smart, caring, and to top it off, they really do care about their clients.

And, yes, you will talk directly to a "real" person.

Thank you, so much Doteasy!"

Carolyn A. Brent, Florida, Jun 13, 2019 

"I called today because I thought my account was over changed. It turns out it was not. Jeremi showed me where I can get my receipts and see my charges for the account. He walked me through the difference between a domain charge and a hosting charge. He even told me when payments are due next. Then he helped me change the administration contact. He walked me through the website and gave me the knowledge that I probably should have had a long time ago. He was clear, patient, and thorough! Every company deserves a team member like him. I consider myself lucky to have worked with him as I feel educated with your site."

DaNae Ronberg, Denver CO, Feb 14, 2019 

"Eric helped me figure out how to get my site back online when Weebly never responded, all is well now thanks to his assistance! "

Madeline Baker, Tampa FL, Feb 05, 2019 

"I, Guadalupe Morales, just finish to get costumer service from Eric, few minutes ago (right now time is 4:35/California time) and he was very polite, helpful and his tone of voice it never change. It was always calm and made me feel very comfortable to continue asking him question that I did not understand and he explained it to me until I could understand. He was very patience with me and all my questions. Just wanted to let you know how skilled and courteous he was. Thank you very much."

Guadalupe Morales, Diamond Springs California, Jan 23, 2019 

"I had problems to access my newly hired hosting account, I was scared and very worried because I could not update the necessary information to access the contracted services, but in a very patient and friendly way Eric, I will remember the information that I had indicated at the time of signing up with you, I thank you for having such a qualified and human staff in these situations, which can be put in one's place."

Gisella Abanto, Lima Peru, Dec 17, 2018 

"I really want to express my appreciation of Kelvin. Recently I have been receiving e-mails that have wanted Bitcoin. I assumed that my system was hacked? Kelvin was very professional, CALM AND REASSURING in the fact he explained this was a good idea to change passwords. He was patient and very clear in his instructions for me. He walked me through each step of the way to reset my passwords. He also suggested that I have Anti-Virus and Malware protection software - I currently have both. I really hope that you will recognize this man's actions in helping me to rest my passwords and most of all taking the time to reassure me that these e-mails are probably random in origin. He is in my opinion a very great asset to Doteasy. Thank you again Kelvin. God Bless You. You MADE MY DAY!!!!! "

Thomas Werley, Cincinnati Ohio, Dec 17, 2018 

"I appreciate the assistance I was given today by Cissie. It was helpful and fast and quite timely. All my questions were asked and the resources given to advance my goals. Thank you."

Aaron Tallman, Auburn WA, Nov 30, 2018 

"Thank you to the Doteasy Team for a fantastic web design job well done. Your ability to work with us 'to turn our lemons into lemonade' is remarkable and very professional. With attention to detail, your response to our questions and suggestions, your recommendations and ability to produce the Caverhill Developments website to our satisfaction with a quick turn-a-round is valuable. We look forward to continuing our business with Doteasy into the future and will recommend your services at every opportunity. "

T. Tarowski (, Regina Saskatchewan, Nov 26, 2018 

"Eric was most helpful and courteous. I pay particular attention that he discovered MY ERROR and he corrected it without making a fuss. Thank you so much Eric! "

Meir Rabi, Melbourne Vic, Oct 02, 2018 

"William was incredibly helpful! I have been a longtime client of Doteasy and today was the best experience I've had. William was extremely helpful in offering solutions for my online websites. A confusing process was made simple thanks to his professional handling of the situation. "

Will Collins, San Francisco California, Sep 28, 2018 

"Just wanted to let you know that you're doing a good job. Most recently, Eric helped me out with a problem I'd been having with a faulty plugin that downed one of my sites. Prompt, courteous, truly helpful. I'm not very capable with Wordpress and websites in general, so I really appreciate the help, all without making me feel stupid. THANKS. Also, your videos are very helpful, too."

Elizabeth Doyle, Ottawa Ontario, Aug 30, 2018 

"Just wanted to toss out some kudos to Eric for walking me through an e-mail account situation. While it may appear to be a simple task for a frequent user, of which I am not, he breezed me through it. Since I had already been logged into the account some months ago and had set up for an event requiring that account, getting back in there was a monumental event. Thanks Eric... and people wonder why I didn't go with Go Daddy!!"

Scott La Shier (, Stafford Virginia, Aug 22, 2018 

"I was having problems login into my email account and Kelvin was so patient and helped me solve the process. It took almost one hour of troubleshooting to solve the problem and Kelvin remained calm and patient the entire time. Thank you so much for all of your help and time."

Donna Hand, British Columbia Canada, Aug 13, 2018 

"Woo, I was not happy when I called, because of what I thought was going to be a major email problem, it turns out it was not. This is where credit goes to the Doteasy Tech Jeremi that I got. He was calm and beyond patient and never made me feel rushed and with his easy answers to my questions, I ended up having a GREAT experience and will definitely recommend Doteasy, because of him. Congrats to who ever hired him for sure!"

Kim Sneed, California, Jul 19, 2018 

"5 Stars! I started with Doteasy when I had my consulting business and now that I’m a published author, I’m continuing to have Doteasy as my hosting provider. I have never been disappointed in their support and service. With the addition of their web develpment tools, the ongoing maintenance and updates to my site has never been easier. With the budget of a struggling writer, I am always comfortable with the value provided. I can’t say enough about Doteasy as a full service hosting platform. As I continue to grow as an author and publisher, I will continue to rely on Doteasy as my provider. "

Timothy Trimble, Author and Technologist, Lynnwood WA, Jun 03, 2018 

"I've been working with DotEasy for the last 15 years now. I love their service! They have evolved improving the services and products making them my number one choice for my clients websites."

Josh Mackey, Mar 12, 2018 

"Started using DotEasy as one of my clients had chosen you. I've now moved half my own domains to DotEasy as your prices are nicely competitive."

James Gendre, Feb 01, 2018 

"Overall, in respect with offer, terms, and user experience DotEasy is currently the greatest domain registration service for web business entrepreneurship"

Nikola Pantic, Dec 11, 2017 

"The overall price is a secondary consideration. Doteasy spent a huge amount of time to get my issues resolved. In the end that's why I keep sticking with Doteasy. Awesome tech support."

Wiktor Skupinski, AB Canada, Oct 29, 2017 

"It has always been easy to setup websites at doteasy, when questions do arise, you have always been prompt in replying to my requests, will continue using the services provided."

Nancy Hickman, NM, Oct 07, 2017 

"Have purchased 20+ domain names over the past six months or so and love the prices, the ease of use and the simplicity of this site."

David Walker, Jul 13, 2017 

"I am just a small business owner, so I don't need those extra fancy hosting features. But pricing-wise, you just can't beat $5 for a domain name that comes with private WHOIS! If you're just shopping around for cheap domain names or getting the most features for the least rate, then Doteasy might not be for you. But if you're serious about getting a domain name and website then you won't regret giving Doteasy a chance. I've set up my clients on Doteasy and I've no complaints so far."

Claire Smith, May 04, 2017 

"I see myself working with Doteasy for the foreseeable future as I have been very pleased with their services since I signed up. They offer SSD Hosting and have a great prices. If you're looking for a hosting service, I would feel confident that Doteasy will work for you."

Satish Raghunandan, Apr 27, 2017 

"I've been with DotEasy for 7 years now, hosting my small business site. Every time I've had a glitch (infrequent, mostly having to do with registering email addresses on different devices) the DotEasy staff has responded immediately and with clear and correct solutions. I'm impressed!

Pros: Fast personal service", Apr 24, 2017 

"I just wanted to recognize these two employees as they are both amazing.. I spoke to Ken on March 28 and he helped me with my site statistics and setting up a bunch of other things. He was so patient and knowledgeable. Eric, I spoke with on March 29 as I was setting up my mobile site view and he was amazing too and even gave me a call back as he tried to change something for me.

Anyway they are both amazing. Great customer service!", Canada, Apr 21, 2017 

"I have used Doteasy multiple times and I really enjoy the service and the quality of the web management tools."

Christopher Shaw, Apr 07, 2017 

"Benson helped me today via chat and was super helpful, patient with my questions, and helped resolve my problem. A great member to have on your CS team, and I am stoked to be with Doteasy. Thanks!"

Monique Anderson, Hood River Oregon, Mar 31, 2017 

"Love the help I got on the phone prior placing my order. Love that I was able to change info and not lose the data entered .... I am a cyber clutz so very cool"

Steph Laversin, Mar 09, 2017 

"Doteasy ROCKS! I recently had an issue regarding my website and a mistake that I made. They took care of this long term member and I continue to be very happy with their service! Thanks Annie for helping out!"

Kirby Swatosh, WA Vancouver, Mar 03, 2017 

"As always, Doteasy makes it easy to buy a domain! Thank you for being a great partner for my freelance web business!"

Patrick Farrell, Feb 07, 2017 

"Efficient and good live chat service."

Craig Kurumada, Feb 02, 2017 

"Doteasy is the ONLY place to go for domains and website hosting."

Rosalie Wood, AB Canada, Jan 26, 2017 

"Worked with Doteasy for many many years and always had great helpful service."

Michael Harrison, Yorkshire United Kingdom, Jan 25, 2017 

"You guys have been a great help for me and my various online goings-on over the years. 13 years, I think!? A few times I've had friends and colleagues suggest I go with other domain and server providers, but there's never been a reason or a need to do so."

Stephen Toon, Jan 09, 2017 

"Been with Doteasy 10 yrs+ They have allllwayssss taken great care of me THROUGH excellent SERVICE."

J Frank James, Jan 09, 2017 

"Excellent hosting service with very reasonable fees.

Pros: Fee structure
Cons: None"

Peter Ronai @, Oregon, Jan 02, 2017 

"I have been using Doteasy services for more than 10 years and I have never had technical or administrative problems, whenever I needed the technical support, I was very well attended, always quickly, all answers in less than 24h.
I am very satisfied with the quality, performance, and security of the data I have had over all this time. There are hosting plans to many types of needs, with very competitive prices. They are always evolving and perfecting their services, tools and software platform. Would recommend to anyone wanting a reliable and honest service.

Pros: performance, reliable, honest, technical support
Cons: None"

JHENRIQUE, Brazil, Nov 10, 2016 

"I have been using Doteasy for almost 10 years and I think they do the job well. They asnwer all my questions and are always willing to help. I do website design and always recommend to go to Doteasy. It offers a good price for the service they provide. They have been getting better with the years."

Gaby Diaz, Spain, Oct 11, 2016 

"Many times I have worked with the team members at Doteasy and I have never come across any team member that didn't help. Some are good, some are excel in different areas, and others are exceptional and go beyond their daily 'call of duties.' In the satisfaction survey that is optionally given, after a ticket gets closed, the rating level only goes to 5. However in all the years I have worked with Doteasy, there have been quite a few team players that have deserved a higher rating that 5. Just to today, for instance, I responded to Edwin, an employee their at Doteasy, on how professional he was in handling my questions. He truly deserved a rating of a Perfect 10....and that's hard to come by these days, when a customer can rate a customer service rep. that high. That truly says something amazing about the work ethics of that individual. Being a business owner since 1988 I know the true meaning of an exceptional worker and Edwin more then shined today. Thanks again Edwin. I appreciated all your help... keep on shining."

Laura Pongetti, CT, Jul 07, 2016 

"Just wanted to give a shoutout to Phillip who helped me recover my website. The person who answered the call was Phillip and he went above and beyond to help me understand the problem, and he offered the best solution to resolve my issue. He also followed up to ensure everything was working correctly which was greatly appreciated. "

Moya Minns, Georgia, Jun 16, 2016 

"I want to thank everyone at Doteasy technical support for restoring our domains, that is,, & Everyone I talked to was patient and helpful. I'd take you all out for a drink if you weren't all so far away. Thanks again!"

Dean Gama, Ontario Canada, Apr 20, 2016 

"Benson was fantastic and helped me diagnose my hosting concerns with ease and great patience, even when the questions were redundant and almost certainly annoying. After some consultation we will most likely be upgrading to a cloud hosting package. Give Benson a high five from us over here @ KEO/RIS Marketing"

Darin Radimaker, Detroit Michigan, Apr 05, 2016 

"I switched to Doteasy a year ago and I've already noticed the improvement in my website' speed and uptime. What I love about the service is the uptime and speed. Support team is great, too."

John R.

"I want to comment on the excellent online service by live chat with Benson, he provided one of my best user experience, thanks"

Robin Attalla, Cairo Egypt, Mar 24, 2016 

"I would like to sincerely thank everyone in tech support for their professionalism, knowledge, and patience. I am not computer savvy and have been working on my website for 2 months and consequently have had numerous questions and issues. Everyone that I spoke to, (I think that I went through the entire staff at one time or another)was extremely helpful.The dealt with my problems quickly and solved them right away. All of them really knew their stuff and made my life so much easier. I never had to wait to talk to someone and that is a real bonus now a days. So once again thanks to all you great people in B.C. tech support.You definitely deserve a raise and to be treated with respect for being the professionals that you are. All the best..... Dania "

Dania Madera-Lerman, Havelock ON, Mar 03, 2016 

"I have just finished talking to Cissie about Website Builder. I can't begin to tell you how helpful she was to me. I have developed another site using WordPress, but I was having trouble navigating your website builder. Thanks to Cissie, I feel a lot more confidenr proceding with our new golf league website. Thank so much, Cissie, and thanks to DotEasy for making Website Builder available to your clients. Gen Fagan "

Gen Fagan, Ridgefield CT, Mar 03, 2016 

"I have been with Doteasy for years and I have always been happy with their uptime and support. I use WP and Doteasy's team is very knowledgeable with WP - they helped me resolve problems in a timely manner and they even offered to help move my blog form another host to their server when I signed up for my most recent account. Their prices are very reasonable and their plans come with a free domain name, and from what I've heard, as long as you renew your hosting with them, the domain is free. I have had accounts with other hosts but Doteasy is one that I could always rely on for uptime and support. I would definitely recommend Doteasy.

Pros: great support, knowledgable staff, excellent uptime
Cons: no 24/7 phone or Live Chat support "

Andrea C, Feb 16, 2016 

"Great service makes your customers feel that you care about developing a long-term relationship that means more than just making a sale. I would and will, recommend DotEasy to anyone who needs an outstanding hosting company to host their domain name and/or website!

Pros: Customer Serivce, Prompt, Reliable
Cons: None "

AJ Torres, Dec 11, 2015 

"Doteasy has been responsive to all my requests for help over the past several years. Their response time is impressive and their solutions always solved the problems. I am planning to upgrade my plan with them and add domains and I recommend them for anyone of any level of skill."

Joab Eichenberg-Eilon, Aug 01, 2015 

"I think your company is fabulous! Your customer service is exceptional! Every time I call technical support they are so nice and helpful. I wish more companies were like this. Keep up the great work!"

Kelly-Anne Leyman, Norristown Pennsylvania, Jun 02, 2015 

"I messed up my web site and my tar.gz local ftp's files don't work anymore. Benson took the time to review database and corrected errors to get me going again. I still have problems as I have very old OSCommerce. But without Benson's patience and deep knowledge I would have been in much deeper trouble. Thanhks Benson."

Jerry Wang, Federal Way WA, May 28, 2015 

"Hi DotEasy, I have been using your services for about 7 years now I think. In that time I have learned a lot, but I am by no means an expert at building websites. I just wanted to say thank you for your excellent service and support. Your support staff has always been so kind, helpful, smart and understanding. I am a nervous nellie when it comes to doing this stuff, and you have walked me through the hard parts smoothly and efficiently. Yesterday I spoke with Edwin who helped me set up my new wordpress site (make it live). Today I e-chatted with Cissie and talked to William on the phone, both so very nice and helpful. I have some bad experiences with phone support on other computer issues, but not with you guys. Seems I can always count on you. That is a good feeling. I will continue to work with you. I have more plans for more sites "

Fran Lee, Portland Oregon, Apr 23, 2015 

"@doteasy has awesome customer service! Got an email and call back and my question was answered and settings changed super fast!
Doteasy Twitter"

Brandon Zoras , From Doteasy Twitter, Feb 24, 2015 

"I would like to take a few moments to express my total appreciation for the service received from your people at the technical support. They are fantastic. Doteasy is by far the best web hosting provider. Many thanks "

Real Chartrand, Montreal, Feb 18, 2015 

"My family, friends and I own 11 domains hosted at Doteasy, both Basic and Unlimited, since 2002 and I hereby want to thank them for an excellent service offered at the best prices by an expert and very helpful staff. I have noticed very few negative comments that I can contradict to whomever contacts me because they are published by uninformed people who donot spend a few minutes to click preferences when signing up for a domain or hosting service. There are options to choose from and Doteasy has NEVER charged anything without consent or without asking first. Please note that we have also used another service a few years ago to check and compare but ran away after the first year! Long live Doteasy."

Spiro Karnezi, Dec 20, 2014 

"The price is right at all levels of hosting that Doteasy offers. But the thing I like best is their support. Whenever I have a question, or need help because I messed up something, they have come through for me. I have a number of webs with Doteasy at various levels of service. I will not ever consider moving my webs to another service."

Daniel Augustine, Dec 02, 2014 

"Thanks for the prompt customer service & fix on!
Doteasy Twitter"

Jay Minter, From Doteasy Twitter, Dec 02, 2014 

"I have hosted with DotEasy for 12 years. Once I tried moving away to a large American company, and the service and support was so terrible that I was back with DotEasy within 30 days. The support is very helpful, even helping you solve a problem that turns out not to be their problem. I'm very grateful for their excellent service and support for all these years. Hope to see them around many years to come."

Rosanna Daniel, Nov 30, 2014 

"I am a Doteasy customer since 2002.. 12 years of EXCELLENT collaboration. My sons, relatives and I own 11 domains hosted at Doteasy and they all have been online without any problems whatsoever, no down time, no other issues. Whatever problems occurred (mainly due to our ignorance) were solved in the blink of an eye by their experienced and extremely helpful staff."

Maria Karnezi, Nov 26, 2014 

"Doteasy is a joy to work with and they made my store setup a very easy experience. Any problems I've had (and there were only 3 problems in 5 years) were solved quickly and with very little trouble. Doteasy is a superior provider of ecommerce store fronts and I'm impressed at how easy it is to create a fashion related business with all sorts of free modules to assist even a beginner in setting up and selling."

Rita Krason, Aug 26, 2014 

"Everything I had asked for and more in my web site, and much help from Customer Service. My husband and I greatly appreciated Ken's service to us. Thank you very much."

Susan S. Mintzer, May 15, 2014 

"Doteasy has never been down unexpectedly in the 10+ years that I've been using them. If they are planning on doing maintenance, they have always let me know. I have always been able to access my site, and my webmail. Whenever I've needed help on anything, their support has always responded quickly, and have been able to help me with whatever the issue was. I would recommend them to anyone (and frequently do)."

Sandra Dusconi, Mar 21, 2014 

"My main concern is tech support, and I find doteasy to be prompt, thorough, knowledgeable, and persistent. I'm very satisfied with their support service."

David Steinhardt, Mar 19, 2014 

"I have had over 12 domains registered and hosted at Doteasy, their broad selection of different hosting packages always have an option that fits each websites needs and price points. Prior to working with Doteasy, I had several support issues with other hosts and registrars, but Doteasy's service has always been impeccable, with great value for your money! Go to to register your site right away - they're the right people!"

Kat Ferneyhough, Jan 21, 2014 

"Hi there, Recently I ran into a technical issue, where it my IP address was accidentally blocked on your site. Unfortunately, that meant I was not only unable to log into the Member Zone and my e-mail, but I was also unable to submit a support ticket or use the contact form. I was unable to use the hosting site, and unable to contact DotEasy support to try and resolve the problem. So, I decided to try sending a message to your Twitter account hoping to get a response. Not only did they answer, but they opened a support ticket for me. When I was unable to answer that ticket (I still couldn't get to the system), they tried to help figure out the problem, and gave me enough information that I was able to get around the block enough to use the ticket system. Thank you very much to the staff on your Twitter account for all their help. It was very frustrating, but getting their help, and very quickly each time, was absolutely wonderful. Thank you again! BD"

BD Wilson, Nov 28, 2013 

" has been the most amazing, reliable, and helpful host. I have used them for a decade now for all my hosting needs. I am a pastor and I also help many people in churches with setting up web sites, and has never let me down. Honestly that's not an exaggeration. My sites have run fast and the cost is amazing. I host audio, video, sign ups, etc. I could not be happier!!"

Matthew Black, Sep 07, 2013 

"I've been with Doteasy for over 14 years. I have tried other services that looked cheaper on the outside but have always come back to these guys. I love their support folks who are not only extremely knowledgeable and helpful, but proactive too. Keep up, guys!"

Alexander Solonin, Sep 05, 2013 

"I recently had difficulties with a web page I created in HTML and uploaded via the FTP site. (I have minimal computer experience - my mistakes were mainly operator error). The Doteasy customer support was outstanding - they responded promptly to my e-mails (even evenings and weekends). I opted to use their website creator to re-make my web page - it was relatively easy, and looks professionally done (not bad for a novice!). Thank you Edwin, Graham, Ken G., and Richard!"

Debbie, Aug 25, 2013 

"I want to tell you that your support staff is excellent, I'm a new customer I do have some computer experience but I have never build a web site before . I have had to called in several times to your support .Every time I got someone who was willing to help , able to explain how to do what I needed to do. It is great . This is the best support experience I have every had in the fifty years I have been using computers and working with programs THANK YOU so much for all your help and support."

Larry Davis , Jul 24, 2013 

"I had a few hosts and found Doteasy to be the best because they're friendly, professional, quick to help and knowledgeable regarding hosting. They even have a toll-free phone number. Their uptime has been 100% for me. My site never was down except when I exceeded their bandwidth limit for their free webhosting package. But, they solved that problem and kept my hosting with them free by inserting files which protect hotlinking, the problem causing the excess traffic."

Nathan Carnes, Jul 09, 2013 

"To: Graham - Dot Easy Customer Support Good Day Graham, Thank you so much for taking the time to look into this matter for me. I do always include a good subject line and text in the body, so it's unfortunate that they have been going into a spam filter as you found out. Thank you for making the changes you did (whatever that may be) to keep this from happening again. Hopefully, better success in the future, as you say. I will keep you posted. I appreciate your time and efforts. I've enjoyed the DotEasy experience and the service has always been good and dependable. Have a great day. "

Linda Goodman, Jun 14, 2013 

"Friendly, Helpful and treated us like top customers. Thank you Doteasy! We have hosted through Doteasy for years, and this type of customer service is part of what will keep us here."

Shawn, Jun 10, 2013 

"By far and away, the Doteasy tech support is the best I have ever experienced in my fifteen years of owning and using residential cable modem services. "

Tony Joyce, May 28, 2013 

"I had not heard of Doteasy before going to work for Morton Amusement a few months ago... they've been using shared hosting with them for several years... I mostly have experience with the "big guys," and frankly, this is MUCH more attentive, better features, and about the same price. I've done a LOT of work enhancing the company's web presence, and I've needed some server support for several scripts. They've been quick, very responsive, and helpful. They provide good advice and aren't clueless like a lot of first-line tech support folks. Totally recommend!"

Nik Bramblett, May 14, 2013 

"Doteasy was recommended to me by instructors at my local tech college. I have used five hosting providers over the years, and Doteasy continues to be unsurpassed, especially with regard to quick and thorough support responses."

Rick Winter, May 27, 2013 

"My daugther recommended me to place my site at and I did it several years ago. I have never had problems with them, they answer inmediately my questions and helped me when I asked them for."

Margarita Pesqueira, May 03, 2013 

"have required help from Dot easy several times and I have to compliment you on the service i received it was excellent, friendly and most importantly actually solved my problems. I had someone this morning helping me and I got excellent help! Thanks "

David Flynn, Apr 11, 2013 

"They have always been there to answer questions and help. I've been very pleased with them and have not noticed any down time for the website."

Patricia Broderick, Jan 11, 2013 

"Doteasy, is 'very easy' to learn and quick to publish online. For any novice contemplating to build a website you cannot beat Doteasy for its simplicity and value for money. Their support is excellent and their instructions are easy to follow. I currently have three websites created and hosted with Doteasy and would recommend their service to anyone."

alan n mcphail, Dec 28, 2012 

"I have had nothing but great experiences with Doteasy! I've been a customer for a few years (basic hosting site) and last year, I finally upgraded to an ultra hosted site. Over the year, I have had two major problems with my site (both due to user error). I ran WordPress on my site (which was easily installed through one of the scripts offered by DotEasy) and my page was continuously looping. I submitted a ticket and even phoned, and the problem was resolved within a couple of hours (if it even took that long). They logged right into my site to fix the problem, which was extremely helpful given that I was new to WordPress. The second problem happened recently and I basically destroyed my site and lost almost everything. I had a backup (again, an easy way to backup is provided in the DotEasy control panel), but could not get it to load. I called DotEasy and within an hour, my site was up and running again and everything I thought I lost, was not! I was so grateful not to have to rebuild the entire site (Zen Cart), especially right before the holidays! I look forward to many more years of a helpful and happy relationship with DotEasy! I would recommend them to all my friends!"

Rosa T, Nov 16, 2012 

"I have used Doteasy for a number of years for my business site and several private sites. They offer excellent value and service. If contacted about a problem they have always been prompt and dealt courteously with my enquiries. Would strongly reccomend DotEasy"

Christopher J., Nov 06, 2012 

"The folks at Doteasy have been Awsome from day 1 and I have been with them for 10 years now."

Edward Aguirre, Oct 29, 2012 

"So far the customer service has been excellent. They have answered to all my requests the same day and all the solutions provided worked perfectly. I feel very happy and confortable with the service. "

Silvia, Oct 19, 2012 

"DotEasy. Based out of Burnaby, BC, 99.9% uptime, great pricing. Love 'em and send all my clients here too."

Kevin Gamble, Oct 03, 2012 

"I was just so absolutely thrilled with the chat service experience that I had. I worked with Peggie who went above and beyond with me. She really did. She was truly my saviour in the one and half month journey of getting my website restored, which feels like eternity when you rely on your business to be generated that way. I worked with HostGator staff and Wordpress staff, and neither come anywhere near the level of intelligence, patience, clarity in explanation and I could go on and on. I would have still been trying to figure out which way was up, and my business was in dire need. Thank you, thank you, thank you so much Doteasy. And especially thank you Peggie. I really hope they give you a raise. I don't know what you make but it isn't enough. You're a gem! Thank you."

Miranda Lucas, Sep 27, 2012 

"I've been using Doteasy for over a decade for all of my hosting needs. I am a freelance web designer with some pretty big (and some not so big) clients, ranging from one-page landing sites to full blown eCommerce sites. Over the past decade I have easily hosted over 75 sites with Doteasy (I currently manage about 25 — clients come and go and some sites are only meant to be available for a period of time, which explains the discrepancy). Just this morning I had an issue with an eCommerce restaurant client who exceeded their bandwidth. On the one hand, this is a good problem to have; on the other, it meant their site — and business — was down heading into lunch, their busiest time of day. I upgraded their hosting plan and within an hour they were back up and running. More importantly, they were taking orders. My reputation as a web consultant is based not only on the quality of the work I do, but the quality of the service providers I partner with. Doteasy has never failed me, and I have never felt a need to use a different web host. More importantly, I feel confident in recommending Doteasy to my clients, since THEIR reputation is predicated in part on their site being online and not"

Jerry Jodice, Sep 26, 2012 

"I find Dot-Easy is a excellent domain host. My purpose is informational, not on-line-sales and for my usage this host serves me well. I have four domains supported (Hosted) by "Dot-Easy"and have been with them several years. Remember it is free if you don't need a lot of features. If it doesn't provide the features you need pay and go elsewhere. Or import free features form other sources and upload them, I have added "Statcounter" and "MyContactForm" and they are very compatible for discovering who is looking at your site and to get readers to contact you effortlessly via e-mail, with no other software needed on their end or yours to use either one. Overall "Dot-Easy" works perfectly for me !"

EVprofessor, Sep 23, 2012 

"Although only using free hosting there has never been any downtime and support is always well within published response times. Would well recommend."

Richard Mansell, Sep 23, 2012 

"Doteasy is a great host if you are building a simple website. It is easy to navigate and understand what is going on. The price is right for what you receive."

Mollie P., Sep 18, 2012 

"My website has been with Doteasy for a few years now. I find their customer service staff patient, knowledgeable, helpful and quick."

John, United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Sep 15, 2012 

"I have been hosting my sites with Doteasy for over 12 years. Very happy with their excellent service and offers. Have been recommending them to others. Thank you, DotEasy!"

Kate S., Sep 19, 2012 

"These guys are absolutely amazing, they get back to you straight away when you have a problem. Their service is just the best, no outages or downtime. They always make you feel very special. You can't beat them, just join them"

Molly F., Sep 12, 2012 

"One of the best #web #hostanddomain registration service. Crystal clear instructions,very reliable wit gud cust service n pricing @doteasy"

Kapil Suvarna, From Doteasy Twitter, Apr 24, 2012 

"Doteasy is just that; easy to use, but the best bit, rare these days, is the technical support, which is NEVER less than top class, even allowing for the difference in time zones (US / Euope). I can`t recommend them too highly having used them for many years. Thanks Alan"

Alan Gent, Sep 05, 2012 

"It's worth mentioning my web host of several years. I've had great customer service from @Doteasy & that's a rarity these days"

Oubliette, From Doteasy Twitter, Jul 31, 2012 

"The best customer service I have ever experienced, so convenient and knowledgeable! Thank you"

Mike Boekestyn, From Doteasy Twitter, Jul 26, 2012 

"I've had our website and email through Doteasy for over 5 years... Just renewed for another 5!"

Angela Stevens, From Doteasy Facebook, Feb 05, 2012 

"I am using Doteasy Technology almost 2 years now and I am very satisfied with customer care and most of all their great offers are a great deal."

Maria Fiore Pilon, From Doteasy Facebook, Aug 29, 2012 

"Doteasy not only provides an excellent service, they continue to have their front-line technical and customer service support provide exemplary service. My skill sets do not include hosting and webpage knowledge, however, doteasy has ensured that its staff and support persons make that transparent as they provide patience, information and integration assistance to meet client's needs, such as those needs that I needed for my site. My company is about communication, meeting interest and needs of those who require my service, and helping business excel in customer service. Doteasy certainly example the highest level of meeting client's needs. Special mention to "Christin" at doteasy customer service, who was patient, informative and integral in meeting my website needs."

Angela Gill Gill & Associates,, Jan 06, 2012 

"I was having some trouble getting the pages I had uploaded to actually show up online, so I called customer service for some help. I only had to listen to one automated menu (basically asking if I needed account help or technical help), and a CSR named Bernard picked up on the first ring! He helped me solve my problem in about 10 seconds, and even CALLED ME BACK a few minutes later to give me more troubleshooting advice on my problem. I've worked as a call center CSR before and I can tell you I never offered service as exceptional as I got from Bernard and Doteasy. I am blown away. Thanks!"

Austin Hall, KS, Jun 23, 2011 

"I am transferring in one of my sites I operate for my wifes horse hobby, ( and just wanted to say - your site was so easy to use to find answers! Doteasy is awesome! Thank you Bill "

William Cook, Penticton BC, Mar 14, 2011 

"I've been a fan of Doteasy for almost ten years now, and I've just completed the first steps in transferring yet another website to you (the first time I've ever done a transfer; up to now, I've just created new ones from scratch.) The transfer process can be very complex for a first-time user (I'm new to transfer keys, auth codes, and so on), and I want to tell you that your customer support in this area has been nothing short of fabulous. The previous domain hosting people's information has been misleading, obfuscating, and they left out important information to help me in this transfer. Your folks, meanwhile, were extremely helpful and courteous. Especially noteworthy was that I spoke with "Eric" at your tech support phone line no less than three times this morning, and on every occasion he was patient, helpful, and he even went so far as to help me figure out your *competitor's* account manager website to help this transfer process. This is exactly why I am moving this site to you - your support and customer service are second to none, and my colleague was tired of getting the run-around with her existing web host. And it's why I always recommend Doteasy to anyone who tells me they're considering starting up a website. Keep up the amazing work and thank you for your excellent customer support! "

Dana M. Lee, Toronto Canada, Jan 05, 2011 

"I love you guys. I just bought another domain. After using other hosting companies. I have returned to you with my personal domain name and intend to tell all my customers about you and your great company. You have come a long way in just a few years. Keep up the good work. I sincerely wish you all the success and happiness you can stand. :)"

David, Sep 20, 2010 

"I am not an html wizkid (I am a retired pensioner, 70 next birthday) but I can use Doteasy for my little web site!! Great stuff folks, keep it up."

Dave Marshall,, Mar 15, 2010 

"They took a bad situation and made it so easy to resolve. I had some one else taking care of my domain that had access to destroy my site and they took care of me."

William Garcia,, Mar 13, 2010 

"I hosted at least 5 sites at Doteasy and every time it was so easy. Great support, great service, I recommended them to so many people, they deserve it."

Pierre Filiatreault,, Feb 20, 2010 

"With most things in life, you get what you pay for. However, I've enjoyed a lot of free hosting of pages from Doteasy. Naturally, as your need grows, you need more from your Webhost. I think Doteasy's levels of hosting pretty much accommodates most people's needs. They have Great support. And even when you ask some rather basic question or even a dumb one, they answer you back."

Connie Dunn,, Feb 19, 2010 

"Great prices, lots of information and very easy to deal with. Phone support if needed which is a major bonus for some situations. On the rare occasion there is a problem it is fixed immediately. Highly recommended to all."

John Albion,, Jan 27, 2010 

"They are just great and very helpful in any case. What ever I face any problem, I don't concern too much since I have a very good team handling my hosting, they can give you the best from the end. Which is they know the best for you and they help ultimately."

Ali El Manini,, Jan 08, 2010 

"As an aging novice I sometimes need advice. On occasion Doteasy have provided me with the straightforward help I need! No waffle or geeky stuff. And that is important to me when I am trying to move on with creating a website. There is so much stuff to read on the internet that I don't always have the time to wade through it. Doteasy make it easy to follow the rules! Thanks."

Derek Cookson,, Jan 04, 2010 

"I design website and for years have been using Doteasy as a hosting and domain name registration provider for myself and my for my customers. They deliver what they say they would and they are always there through tech support to help when there are questions or issues. Best value for small businesses!"

Alain Houle,, Sep 16, 2009 

"Good, speedy customer service via email. They'll work with ya, til the prob's fixed. I've had issues several times, mostly because I myself didn't know where to look for answers, and the customer service people answered clearly."

Kevin Kendall,, Sep 11, 2009 

"Lots of room for my electronic graphic design portfolio and I've never had a problem accessing or uploading to my site. Fantastic service by email. They always respond in 24 -48 hours with the Correct Information. I've used them for 5-6 years and refer all my small business clients to Doteasy. "

margie sejbl,, Jul 29, 2009 

"I am very happy with Doteasy, very. Tec support is great, no problem. It wasn't hard for a "non-computer" person, such as myself, to build a site on Doteasy. Plus there are no advertising banners on free sites."

Ingrid Forsberg,, Jul 25, 2009 

"I've used three different hosting companies, two of which I also used as domain registrars (Godaddy was the other). I prefer Doteasy by far over the others. While Godaddy was cheaper up front to register a domain, when it came to 'free' hosting of a web site, they charged for tools to build a temp site as well as plastered their ads and banners all over the site, making it quite distasteful and unprofessional looking. In comparison, Doteasy charges about $10 more for exactly the same kinds of services via their registration and renewal fees, but then everything really is free on their free web hosting service. And No Banners. I urge everyone to check out what it really costs and make sure they understand what they are really getting for the price. Doteasy has always been responsive in customer service and support (emails within 24 hours) and gives complete and straight answers, not some canned script. I have several domains registered with them or transferred to them and and very pleased with their service. I have searched the internet for 'free hosting' and checked the prices of different domain registrars, and I feel like for the money I am getting a pretty good deal compared to what else is out there. I recommend Doteasy to others I know whenever they ask about domain hosting or registering domains."

Donna W,, May 22, 2009 

"Doteasy made it quick and painless to set up my website. Three years later I am still satisfied with their service. Excellent customer service with quick response time."

Jason Scheide,, May 05, 2009 

"I just wanted to thank Bernard in tech support for helping me through a security breach on several of my Doteasy web sites. He was patient, explained things, gave me recommendations, and generally eased the stress of this pretty stressful event. I hope his manager sees this...because Bernard is doing a great job! He is very knowledgeable about security issues and has answered the phone on the first ring each time I've called. No hold times! How wonderful for a FREE web hosting company. Thanks alot. I will continue to host my web sites with you and transfer others as they come to me."

Benita Asher, Jackson CA, May 01, 2009 

"Your phone support was excellent today. Your rep (Richard) was very patient with me and walked me through and solved a difficult email problem. Email is very important for my business so it is an understatement to say I am happy Richard solved our problem. Thank you for the first class top notch service."

Robert Odynski, White Rock BC, Apr 29, 2009 

"I have worked with three different web hosts in the last 5 years. All have been highly rated. Doteasy is the only one that I like simply because they take care of business in a professional way, errors are non-existant in billing or web concerns. I have recommended their site to several people and will continue to do so."

Mitch Card,, Apr 16, 2009 

"I've been on doteasy for 8 years now. I have 1 free site and two paid ones and I have nothing but great things to say about them. If you need help contacting them is fast. They respond within 24 hours usually less then that regardless of it if is a free account or a pay one. The only downside is the free account doesn't use sql or php like some other free sites, but that's okay if you don't need those things. Besides their web tools will give you lots of those things anyway like blogs and forums for free. I recommend them to everyone looking for a nice AD-Free website."

Barbara, Apr 22, 2009 

"I have five websites hosted at Doteasy. Four of them use the free bannerless hosting service and one is a ultra hosted site which includes e-commerce & a (shared) SSL. The very few issues I experienced were handled quickly, efficiently, courteously and well within 24 hours. I can't recommend Doteasy enough."

Shadoe, Apr 01, 2009 

"Doteasy is just what it says, easy to set up, use, edit. They have lots of tools to use free or at a nominal cost. They answer questions quickly and completely."

Carla Chance,, Mar 02, 2009 

"One of the great things about doteasy is they always give prompt replies to any queries. Recommended for small business and startups, they cut the costs to the bone, and their pages have the best rankings."

Jon Bain,, Feb 28, 2009 

"Dear reader, I am a very happy doteasy customer ;-) Doteasy made it possible to realize one of my dreams... I am a Brazilian woman who lives in a very small village in the south of Germany. Through doteasy I have been able to show to the whole world my paintings, the lessons I give and about me. Besides that every time I needed help the technical support answered me within 24 hours. This is very important for me as I am not a specialist in computer I need to know that someone is there for me. I have to say thank you doteasy staff for being there!!! I wish your success grows! From the bottom of my heart, Luisa Monteiro "

Luisa Monteiro, Germany, Feb 03, 2009 

"Doteasy is a great service that provided me with all of the solutions I need to take my business online fast and efficiently. With their design tools I can focus more on the content and cosmetic factors of my site then all the somplicated programming."

Skyelar Pollack,, Jan 15, 2009 

"Hey Doteasy Team! Just wanted to say that out of all the hosting companies I deal with as a web designer, you stand out for your service and ease of use. Sites are always up, and my clients appreciate how affordable your plans are. Thanks!"

Jennifer Nickerson, Salem MA, Jan 08, 2009 

"I would like to thank your team especially Tony in Customer Service for your outstanding service! It has taken over 3 months between 4 different host/ providers to get my web site active again something that took him only a few minutes to achieve. I can’t thank Tony enough for taking the time to manually go to my ftp site and manually correct the html link errors, this is a tremendous help considering my busy schedule! I will recommend to everyone I know, I only wish I knew about your company long ago and realized now how many business opportunities I has missed as a result since my web site was inactive. Thank you and your professional team again!"

Frank Manchak, CA, Jan 05, 2009 

"I was in the dumps when America On Line stopped my web site which I linked to doteasy. I was ready to give up doteasy, because I am not by any stretch of the imagination a web guru. Your technical assist team showed me the way and my web site is back up. It was easy enough for someone like myself to do. The web site pre made forms were much easier to use than I thought and I'm back with my domain name. Thanks for getting rid of the jam I was in with the aol mess."

Marc Perez,, Wildwood MO, Jan 05, 2009 

"Doteasy is a great host. They've hosted my site for almost 5 years. I also have several other sites hosted with them and we have no complaints. They are great."

Patricia Reynolds,, Dec 13, 2008 

"Thank you for such great service, especially the tech support articles. You make solving problems easy, even for non-tech people."

Susan Lohrer, Creston BC, Dec 07, 2008 

"I had never created a website before, so I was intrigued by the wide variety of tools DotEasy offered. I found the website builder application to be easy to use, expecially for a novice, and yet there are layers and layers of additional features that I can access when I want to go deeper or add something. For example, I wanted to show several bead designs that my partner created, and the photo gallery gave me a simple way to do that quickly and easily. I'm also modifying forms for comments and e-mail, something I never considered doing before. But their tools make it easy. Above all, the support from their technical team has been nothing short of outstanding. Every question was answered promptly, courteously, and completely. I was concerned at how much I had to learn at first, but they've made me feel very comfortable and my results are quite satisfactory. Whether they have all the tools a more advanced site designer might want is beyond my scope, but for the vast majority of "regular" users, they certainly have all the bases covered. I would not hesitate to recommend DotEasy to anyone considering a website hosting firm."

Rick Koenig,, Dec 04, 2008 

"Having used Doteasy for over 10 years now, on their 0$ plan for two small websites, I have always found them to be reliable and their customer service to be efficient and very helpful."

Catherine Constantinou,, Nov 27, 2008 

"I am a professional Web Designer who would like to say a few things about Do I use them? Yes! Not only do I currently host all of my own websites with Doteasy, but I have lead ALL of my current clients to get their hosting as well. The reason? They are incredible. For one thing, they do not allow pornography on their servers (read it right in their terms), which makes them HIGH ABOVE THE REST of the hosting world in my book, AND the book of my clients! Second, their $25 dollars a year .com with generous hosting and email (with no website advertisements) is absolutely Fantastic! Sometimes, they even let you buy a new site for only $5 the first year! Third, I have read about people having real problems with hosting company support issues. With Doteasy, not only can I chat to them live, but have always (that's ALWAYS) received an email support response within a day or so. I have rarely noticed any downtime or issues with my various Doteasy services, and will continue to use Doteasy as long as they don’t change what's making them stand out! Thank You!"

S. C.,, Nov 19, 2008 

"I would like to commend Doteasy on permitting its customers to use one (1) Login to get access to all of our web sites (,, being hosted by Doteasy. It is fantastic and other hosting providers should do the same thing. Congratulations on being a trend setter!"

Ron Johnson, Nashville TN, Nov 17, 2008 

"Best host I have found. No question. It is basically free. Their cost for REGISTERING is only slightly higher than other registrars, but that is the only cost for a basic hosting account. They may try to upsell you to other features, but I have been with them since the 90s, and have never used any but the basic, and they don't seem to mind. I have put maybe 30 sites up on there over the years, and never encountered any kind of problem. No offense, but anyone knocking Doteasy just does not know what they are doing, or what they are talking about, or both. When I have had questions, they email back immediately, and they are very polite. They must be Canadian, they are so polite. I think they are in Canada. GO DOTEASY, long may they continue."

thatsrich, Nov 05, 2008 

"I would like to thank everyone at Doteasy for helping me with the process of transferring the host of my website to Doteasy. At first I was nervous when I found out my host was shutting down and I needed to find a new host. However I received easy to follow instructions and the process from setting up an account, to transferring the host, to uploading the files took less than 48 hours. I love that my website no longer has ads and seems to load faster than before."

Cindy Lewis, Waltham MA, Nov 02, 2008 

"I have hosted about 10 sites with Doteasy over the last 5 years and have nothing but praise for their services and their amazing customer services staff. Whenever I have had a probelm or question, or just needed help with how to do things to the hosting/domains, the Doteasy Staff have always been able to help or offer relevant advice. I highly recommend this company!"

Jim Smith,, Oct 29, 2008 

"I recently had Loren help me, but before that there have been a succession of customer service people. I am a website developer and a number of my customers use the excellent services of doteasy. When I have had to figure something out, the helpful, timely, pleasant service I get from your tech support is unfailing. Thank you Loren and thank you doteasy, for what is obviously a great team building system."

Sharon Jackson, Duncan BC, Oct 27, 2008 

"Your support folks have always been very helpful when I've needed them -keep up the good work! "

Wayne Woodward, Calgary Alberta, Oct 15, 2008 

"I sent this comment to Mike in Technical Support. Mike has been very helpful land informative the past few weeks Please send my compliments along to his team. Michael- thanks for helping me yesterday and last week. I really appreciate the live support and you are very knowledgeable, professional and patient."

Barbara Reiner, New Haven CT, Oct 03, 2008 

"Thanks for making my web building experience so much fun. For the first time in a long time, I am done with the update on time, and my website looks terrific. You've outdone yourselves."

Hedy Henderson, Maryland, Oct 02, 2008 

"I've used Doteasy for at least 5 years for various sites. Quite decent site support... Their $25 annual domain fee includes a year of free hosting, so effectively, you're paying $25 per year for something that often costs $70 or more per year. Anyway, I'm very happy with 'em !"

Peter Sugden,, Sep 22, 2008 

"Thank you very much for your help help and prompt response. I just LOVE Doteasy hosting and appreciate the great employees!!! Any time I've ever had an issue (which has been very rare in all the years I've used Doteasy) the response from employees there has been very quick and effective. And I do thank you again! "

Regina Moore,, Sep 23, 2008 

"I have about 4 domains hosted on their service, some for 5 years. I recommend them to everyone! They frequently have members only l year domain name sales too. Fast customer service."

RhondaK NatvieFloridaArtist,, Sep 17, 2008 

"We always receive great service with quick response and knowledgeable people and Enoch when the extra step to make sure all the work was done right. That's why we have 60+ sites with Thanks"

Candy,, Thompson Falls MT, Sep 16, 2008 

"I've been using Doteasy to host a variety of different websites over the last few years and have found them to be cost effective and reliable. Never had any problems with the hosting, servers always respond quickly and don't go down and their support team have always taken time to help with any technical issues I'm having."

Mike T,, Sep 12, 2008 

"I have used Doteasy for few years now and found their hosting service, reliable; their support, detailed and contstructive; their value, unbeatable"

J Gilbert

"DotEasy team; thanks for your system. I've been with you for a long time, and am grateful to your tech crew. I'm approaching 80 and no longer have the tech savvy of yesterday's (Alzheimer's) but, thank God and Doteasy, that there are still providers that are reasonable and fair. M.Dones"

Miguel Dones, Sep 10, 2008 

"They are so helpful. I am new at this and they are very patient with all my beginner questions. Also they have a huge knowledge base and manuals available, and tutorials, and step-by-step instructions for almost everything. Thankyou Doteasy for truly making it Easy!"

Angela Storrs, Jul 13, 2008 

"I just want to say how wonderful Michael Lord was today. I have been struggling for years with the domain renewal process. I finally gave up and called customer support. Michael saved me from further frustration by cheerfully helping get me through the process. He gave exception customer support and I appreciate it. Thank you, Michael! Viki Poole "

Viki Poole, Memphis TN, Aug 29, 2008 

"I am glad I ran across your site. Saved $100s of dollars for my portfolio. Tech support was outstand, walk me though using filezilla for my flash program instead of IE. Awsome site I recommend to everyone Looking for great deal in a website/domian! Thanks again Sincerely Louis Penland"

Louis Penland, Marion NC, Jul 30, 2008 

"Just a quick note to thank Michael at customer service for his superior assistance today. He was very patient and helped me resolve a very difficult problem. He was one of the friendliest and most helpful reps I have ever talked to. Thanks so much! Magda Craige"

Magda Craige, Houston TX, Jul 23, 2008 

"I just wanted to send a note - I have been a customer for over five years and found one of your technical support people to be very helpful. His name is Ken. So many times people probably write/call to complain, I wanted to let you know that he was very patient and helpful during the process. Best, Gene Fisch, Jr."

Gene Fisch, New York NY, Jul 08, 2008 

"Ladies and gentlemen, first I would like to apologize for being so tenacious in getting my domains transferred, and I may have seemed out of wack, so apologies for that too. This was indeed an extremely rough transition for my accounts (10 in all). I am now I believe up to date and I thank you all for your professionalism and support. A special kudos to Mike of your customer service/tech support. He is indeed the Chris Angel of the bits and bytes. He has gotten my other website up and running with e mail and ftp. Thank you Mike, and thank you all. More websites coming to you. The rest of the journey is easy...Doteasy that is. Regards and Thanks John B. Lawrence President BSCWEBS.COM"


"I called technical support this morning and spoke with Michael. Not only did he resolve the issue I had called about, he also solved several other technical problems that we have been struggling with without my having to ask him - he just seemed to know. He explained -why- we were having these problems amd offered practical and useful solutions. He greatly exceeded my expectations! My technical support experiences with other companies usually involves being walked through troubleshooters (that don't end up resolving anything) with dreadfully underqualified staff, so this was an extremely pleasant surprise. Thank you, Michael! Best Sachiko Murakami Association of Book Publishers of BC"

Sachiko Murakami, Vancouver BC, Nov 22, 2007 

"I would just like to comment that Bernard, who helped me with a customer service issue today, is a knowledgeable and helpful CSR. I appreciated his professionalism and eagerness to help with my issue. Please recognize him for doing a great job! Thanks, Larry"

Larry Hanson

"Most most sincere compliments on the new email format. Thank you to the entire Doteasy team for this wonderful new system and for the smoothness of the change over. I finally feel like I have a REAL mail system when it comes to handling email. Way to go team! Thanks from all of us at Dalwhinnie Farm! Laura Frizzell"

Laura Frizzell, Venango PA

"I just wanted to say what phenominal customer service Michael gave me concerning my website. He was professional, knowledgeable, and personable. He provided gold level service, and represented your company very well. He has excellent communication skills, and leaves the customer feeling taken care of and appreciated. He's the type of customer service rep ALL reps should pattern themselves after. I apperciated the service I received from Michael, and I look forward to doing more business in the future!"

Monica Graham, San Antonio TX

"Hi Team, Just wanted to say your new webmail interface is awesome. Well overdue! Keep up the good work. Vaughan"

Vaughan Evans

"Okay, I have been a doteasy member for quite awhile. Always happy with my service and tech service. But recently I feel like I have hit the jackpot with you guys. The sign in page looks great...but the new email service!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is wonderful!!!!!! Thank you thank you thank you! Keep up the good work. I have always referred people to you, but now I will more than ever. Kim"

Kim Weitkamp, Christiansburg VA

"I want to find a way to let you know that Peter Soo is absolutely, positively amazing and should get whatever credit is possible. He hung with me for what seemed an hour or so helping me get my files back into my own hands from your server. Not a difficult problem, but finding it was.... well, he has the patience of a ... Caterpillar on a walk up a BC mountain. He just knew we'd get there. Thanks so much for this Live Chat - I have had the need to use it more than once and it makes this DOTEASY customer of 3 websites, very happy. Web administrator"

cori sandler, Canada

"I am very satisfied with your service. Not only was I provided the option of having my website hosted for free on your servers, but the generous 1 GB of additional space - upon entering the referral information from a friend - is beyond fantastic. The transferring of my .IT domain name went seamlessly, and the confirmation via phone call of my transfer was not only unexpected, but very professional. You have an excellent staff that is genuinely concerned with providing services to people who have a specific need. It is rare to encounter a company with such excellent customer service. Also, I would like to add, the speed and precision with which you respond to technical inquiries is superb: customers like myself are not left hanging."

Hidefusa Okabe, New York NY

"Good day; I have recently had reason to contact technical support via telephone, which I must say is far better a feature than e-mail being the only option. On both occaisions (yesterday & this morning) your staff were very friendly and helpful. This morning my wife(SY)and I were both on the line when we called and spoke with Michael. Immediately following the conversation Sy commented on how very professional Michael had been. I agreed, and felt it necessary to send kudos to you for the high quality of your people. Keep up the good work, and thank you very much. Ric Novak Novak Creative LLC"

Ric Novak, Vashon Island WA

"I had a couple of frustrating problems with my website w/DotEasy not loading properly on non-MSN browsers. I spent several hours today with Peter from DotEasy receiving technical support via Instant Message. He was patient, polite, and extremely helpful. I just wanted to compliment you on having this type of employee and let you know what a valuable resource he is to your company."

Ann Kaplan

"I just wanted to say that doteasy has done a great job over the past few years hosting my web site. I look forward to sticking with you as I expand and I feel very confident in your service. Thanks again! Dan LaFollette"

Daniel LaFollette, Sep 02, 2005 

" just wanted to let you guys know how remarkable your service has been. I signed up for $0 hosting and registered a domain yesterday afternoon, and before I went to bed last night I had already received my activation and FTP information. This was much quicker and easier than I had ever imagined! Your service is terrific and there is no better value on the web. I am extremely excited to finally have a website, and thanks to Doteasy it is easy, cost-efective and fun! Thanks!!! "

Patrick Iverson, Santa Fe New Mexico, Sep 20, 2005 

"I just want to write a quick note to commend Doteasy on its excellent customer service. I have had two problems today which seemed mammoth to me. Within minutes Eric, in your Customer Service department, cleared up my questions and gave me the information I needed to get my site up and running. I have two paid sites with you-- one personal and one for my business-- and I will recommend Doteasy to all my friends because of the helpful, fast, and polite assistance I received today. Thank you Eric and! Kirsten "

Kirsten Quint Brown, San Francisco CA, May 26, 2005 

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Alice McCombs, Shawano WI, Apr 26, 2005 

"I run two domains at present and I just wanted to thank you for the great job you do. These days, companies are happy to take your money, but when it comes to service you're lucky to get any response at all. I've always found that you deal with my inquiries very efficiently and professionally, even though it has all been through email. You've understood any issues I've had and given me a sensible answer. Thanks very much for doing a great job!"

Mark Holmes, Mar 15, 2005 

"Dear Doteasy! I have used the free web hosting for a number of years for a number of sites. As always, the biggest fear with free sites is 'How can they afford to do this? They're going to shut down on me in the middle of the night!' But year in, year out, Doteasy has been a reliable, professional and very affordable service. I use Doteasy to host which provides information on emergency communications for ham radio volunteers. I have had positive feedback from hams around North America who have found it valuable and informative. As well, I hike the West Coast Trail and use to put my trips up on the web along with trip tips. I have had people from around the world meet me on the trip and say 'Oh! That's YOUR web site! It's great!'. It's only because of the reliability and affordability of Doteasy that I can do this. Although I do not have a business site or the traffic to warrant upgrading, I would have ABSOLUTELY NO HESITATION in using doteasy for any business or volume hostiing. They have provided what they promised and it works great. I work with web sites hosted with other companies and doteasy is, by far, the best."

Robert Cox, Canada, Nov 05, 2004 

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Fred Shakeshaft, Wassaic NY, Nov 05, 2004 

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Helen, East Grinstead West Sussex, Aug 02, 2004