Doteasy Email Protection System

The ideal solution for anti-spam filtering and day-to-day email maintenance

    Combining high-performance mail filtering with ease of use

    The Doteasy Email Protection System is a versatile rules-based enterprise level anti-spam system. One of the key feature of the Doteasy Email Protection System is that it allows you the ability to allow each of your email users to set the level of spam control needed.

    • Flexible and customizable spam control for all email users
    • Allows you to set many parameters such as blacklist, whitelists, and so on...
    • Correctly identifies and effectively block spams and emails due to viruses or suspicious attachments
    • Simple-to-use web based interface to let you easily set custom filter policies and review spam quarantine
    • Every user receives a customizable spam quarantine report by email

    The fight against spam just got easier with Doteasy Email Protection System

    • Compatible with all Doteasy web hosting packages.
    • Protection extends to all email accounts under the same domain name.
    • Only US$6.95/Month
    • Order now and receive a free 2GB domain email storage upgrade!

    Not sure if the Doteasy Spam & Email Virus Protection suits your email needs?

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