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  • Free Secure SSL Certificate
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  • 1-Click WordPress Install
  • 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

*Promotional price is for the initial term only. Free domain available for yearly hosting plans only. Plans renew at the regular rate. Renewal pricing subject to change.

Experience The Doteasy Difference
  • Free SSL Security

    Safely encrypt your website with an SSL certificate - included for FREE. Plus, Google loves SSL!

  • Incredibly Fast SSD Storage

    Our pure SSD configuration offers superior site performance - up to 30X faster. Experience the difference.

  • Free Domain Name (1st Year)

    It all starts with a great name. Get yours free for the first year.

  • Emails @ Your Domain

    Create custom domain email accounts + enjoy POP/IMAP support with our email hosting features.

  • cPanel

    Easily manage every aspect of your website experience - including domains, email accounts, and databases - with the #1 control panel.

  • 30-day Money Back Guarantee

    We want you to be in love with our hosting - and we're confident our service speaks for itself.

Our Award-Winning Support

We're known for being nice. With over 20 years of industry experience, our in-house team is ready to help. Whether you're just starting out or a website expert, we're here for you.

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  • What is an SSL Certificate?

    SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) creates an encrypted connection between a web server and the browser. An SSL certificate authenticates the identity of your website, and encrypts info sent to the server using SSL technology.

  • What is HTTPS, and why is it important?

    HTTPS is quickly becoming the new standard. With an HTTPS connection, connections will be securely encrypted. Encrypting a website with an SSL certificate is no longer only needed by sites that transmit credit card info or sensitive data.

    These days, having an HTTPS-enabled website is a ranking factor for search engines. Furthermore, web browsers (eg. Google Chrome) will soon mark all non-HTTPS sites as "Not Secure." As a result, failing to implement an SSL certificate can drastically decrease your site's traffic and visitor trust.

  • What is SSD Storage?

    SSD hosting is a web hosting service that uses servers which run solid-state drives (SSD) rather than the standard hard disk drives (HDD). SSDs provide much higher input/output (I/O) speeds compared to traditional HDDs. This means that SSDs can read and write data much faster, which greatly boosts the speed at which data is accessed from your website and databases. By using SSD hosting, you'll see an enormous jump in your website's performance, especially if you are using PHP scripts and databases.

  • Why is SSD storage faster?

    SSD hosting is significantly faster than traditional hosting due to the huge difference in I/O speeds.

    An SSD is similar to a USB memory stick where all of its data are stored in microchips. This means that it can access any of its data instantly regardless of which chip the data is stored on.

    Meanwhile, an HDD uses a mechanical arm to read and write its data, similar to a record player. As you can imagine, an HDD will read and write data a lot slower since it needs to move its mechanical arm around all the time. It gets much worse when the data is stored at random locations on the disk.

    SSD hosting can be up to 30X faster than traditional hosting.

  • How can SSD help my WordPress website?

    High-performance SSD hosting is ideal for building your WordPress site. Doteasy's pure SSD configuration offers superior site performance that is up to 30 X faster - so both you and your visitors can experience speed, whether when updating your website or viewing your published site.