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Accessing your emails using Horde

When you set up your domain email accounts with Doteasy, you are provided webmail access to your email accounts and if you are on the cPanel mail platform, you have a choice between two webmail applications: Horde and RoundCube.

In this article, we will take a look at the Horde webmail application. We will show you how to login to your webmail account as well as give you a brief tour of the features included on the Horde webmail interface.

What is Horde?

Horder is a browser-based email application that allows you to read, send and organize your emails as well as manage and share calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, files and bookmarks with your other email users. 

Horde interface

Your Horde webmail application

The Horde webmail application is only available to users on the cPanel mail platform. 

How do I know which mail platform my account is on?

The easiest way to find out which mail platform your account is on is to login to your Doteasy Member Zone and click on the View Email Client Info link.

Doteasy view email client info

If you are on the cPanel mail platform, you will see the following:

Doteasy cPanel info

If you are on the SmarterMail platform, you will see this:

Doteasy SmarterMail

If you are currently on the SmarterMail platform and want to switch over to the cPanel mail platform, contact us and we will help you switch over.

Logging into your Horde webmail application

You will find the webmail login link on the Doteasy website.

Doteasy webmail

Or, you can also go to the URL

Doteasy webmail

Once you’ve logged into your email account, you will be given the choice between Horde and RoundCube. Select Horde to open your Horde webmail application.

Doteasy Horde

Your Horde webmail interface

Functions on your Horde interface:

  1. Inbox – displays your current email messages.

    horde inbox

  2. Mail - lets you set email filtering runes, compose an email using the New Message editor as well as search for an email in any folder.

    horde filter

    new message horde

    search mail horde

  3. Folder Actions – lets you create folders and organize your emails into different folders.

    folder horde

  4. Address Book – stores email addresses of your contacts and share your contacts with your other domain email user account(s).

    address book horde

  5. Calendar – lets you add events into the built-in calendar tool

    calendar horde

  6. Notes – lets you create memos and notes

    notes horde

  7. Tasks – lets you create and manage a task list

    tasks horde

  8. Bookmarks – lets you add bookmarks from your web browser

    bookmarks horde

  9. Settings – lets you customize your Horde webmail interface

    horde preferences

Reading and replying to emails in Horde

While in Mail, click the subject line of the new email to open and read it.

After reading it, you can reply to it,

reply horde 

Or you can forward it,

forward horde 

You can even add the sender to your Blacklist or Whitelist,

blacklist horde 

Composing emails in Horde

To compose a new email message in Horde, simply click on the New Message button to open the New Mail editor.

compose mail horde 

compose new email horde