You own a web server

If you have your own web server and you are storing in your home, it is highly recommended that you consider using colocation hosting services. Even though the cost of using colocation hosting services is higher than hosting your web server at home, colocation hosting services can offer you things that you won't have at home.

Colocation hosting service providers have much faster internet connections than your typical residential or business internet plan. If your website is expecting a lot of traffic or requires a fast internet connection, no residential or business internet plan will be able to cut it.

Power is another thing that you won't have if you host your web server at home. Colocation hosting service providers have data centers whose circuitry can supply ample power to hundreds of web servers. Furthermore, they have back up power systems and generators to continue powering the web servers for several days in case there is a power outage. Even if you install an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) at home, it won't last nearly as long as what colocation hosting providers can offer.

One thing that every web server needs is cooling. All reputable colocation hosting providers will offer ample cooling for your web servers to keep them running in top condition. When you run your web server for a long time, it will get hot. Unless you keep it cool, your web server is likely to overheat and burn out.

Lastly, colocation hosting service providers offer enhanced security to protect your web servers physically. Typical security services include locks on your server cabinet, security cards for accessing the data center, and having security guards patrol the area. You won't be able to get these services if you host your web server at home.