All websites need a web host. A web hosting plan gives you access to a web server, which you can store your web files and share all data with the world.

There are many different web hosting plans on the market and one of them is the free web hosting option. Here are some common questions about free web hosting.

Free Web Hosting - is it really free?

Yes, many different companies offer free web hosting services at no cost. However, a common set back is most of these free web hosting plans do not offer sufficient features you need for your website and/or most of them force you to place advertisements on your website.

What can I do with free web hosting?

You can do pretty much anything you would do with a regular web hosting plan, except you are limited by the amount of server resources. You have to keep in mind that common features such as PHP programming, MySQL databases, CGI scripts and FTP may not be available.

Your monthly bandwidth allotment might be limited as well - if you web has a large number of visitors, it will require more bandwidth. The challenging part of this is that you may experience traffic spikes when least expected and be left with a sudden shortage of resources. If traffic is important, make sure your free web hosting plan comes included with sufficient bandwidth to support your current and future traffic requirements.

Do all free web hosting providers force ads?

Many, not all, free web hosting providers force you to place pop-ups, pop-unders, third-party banner advertisements and other annoying elements on your website in exchange for their free web hosting services. Most of the time, an upgrade to a paid plan is the only way to remove these ads.

Can I upgrade my free web hosting plan?

One of the best aspects of free web hosting plans is that most web hosting providers will let you upgrade your free plan to a more inclusive paid plan. If you are looking for a way to test the waters (or sample a web hosting provider), you may want to consider free web hosting service with a company that offers the option of upgrade, or better yet, a smooth transition.

What kind of customer support should I expect?

One of the biggest drawbacks of free web hosting services has been the lack of support. It seems as if some companies are cutting costs in various areas to provide free services. Support is very important and should come at no additional cost.