cPanel Hosting refers to any web hosting plan that uses cPanel as its web hosting control panel. cPanel is the leading control panel interface in the web hosting industry today. It uses a graphical interface that greatly simplifies the management of a website. As such, we offer cPanel on each of our web hosting plans.

cPanel simplifies a lot of the routine website management tools by providing users an easy to use front-end interface. It allows you to easily manage your email accounts, your FTP accounts, the files that are on your website, your add-on domains, your sub-domains, your MySQL databases, and it will even provide you with your website statistics.

If you're on a PHP web hosting plan, cPanel will also allow you to access Fantastico, the instant script installer. With Fantastico, you can install a variety of popular scripts such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Mambo, phpBB, Zen Cart, OS Commerce, Coppermine, Gallery, and much more. You can install each of these with just a few easy clicks and avoid the hassle of installing scripts the traditional way.