Choosing an appropriate web hosting provider is top priority for any website owner. One question that runs through each website owner's mind is, is it a good idea to host my website overseas?

Price Difference

One thing that most website owners notice right away is the lower pricing that some overseas web hosting providers offer. Sometimes, these overseas web hosting providers offer lower prices as a marketing strategy. But sometimes, these lower prices reflect the living standards of that country.

In most cases, lower prices do mean a bit of sacrifice in the quality department.

Customer Support

One major concern when hosting your website overseas is the customer support. If the web hosting provider's support team is in an overseas country, there may be difficulties in communication. These difficulties may be language barriers, misunderstandings, or other cultural differences.

Time difference is another concern when dealing with an overseas web hosting provider. Every website owner wants to be able to get help from their web hosting provider when it's convenient. It would be frustrating if something happens to your website, but your web hosting service provider has already closed for the day, or is low on staff because it's off-peak hours for them.

However, time difference may actually be beneficial in certain situations. For example, if you like to work on your website in the evening, it might be a good idea to host your website with an overseas provider that has their peak hours at that time.


The closer your clients are to your web server, the faster they can access your website.

Most websites target visitors from North America and Europe. If speed is a concern and your website falls into this category, it would be suitable to find a web hosting provider in these regions.