When choosing the web hosting plan for your website, two of the most important factors are the web storage size and the data transfer included in the web hosting package. A lot of web hosting providers offer unlimited web hosting plans with an annual cost at around US$100. As the name suggests, these unlimited web hosting plans include unlimited web storage and data transfer. But as a new website owner, do you really need unlimited web storage?

What is the purpose of your website?

If the purpose of your website is mainly for sharing stories, like a blog, it will contain mainly text and perhaps a few images. In general, a 500 word article is about 22KB size. Based on this estimate, the monthly web hosting storage you need is less than 1MB if you have 30 articles per month.

Using the above example, if your website uses 1MB of monthly web hosting storage and you have over 800 visits per month, you're looking at 800 MB worth of monthly traffic for your website.

How much storage and bandwidth traffic does a free web hosting provider normally offer?

On average, a free web hosting provider offers 100MB of storage and 1GB of traffic for a month. In other words, free web hosting service is more than enough for a newly launched website.