Google Page Speed is a suite of tools that help you optimize the performance of your web page by analyzing the content of a web page and then generating suggestions on how to make that page faster. The tool has been available as a Chrome and Firefox plug-in for awhile now, and Google has recently launched an online version of it.

Why we like Google Page Speed Online

It's easy to use - you don't have to install any browser extensions. Just go to Google Page Speed Online at and type in your domain name. Google will return a list of suggestions on how to improve your site's speed. Google ranks the suggestions as High, Medium and Low.

See a sample report on Doteasy.

Another nice thing - it analyzes mobile websites, too! Select "Get mobile suggestions" from the "Analyze Performance" drop-down button and your website will be loaded as it would on a mobile device, and Page Speed scores and suggestions will be customized for the mobile browsing experience.

Why do you want a faster page speed?

  • It reduces the time it takes to load your web pages and thus keeping your visitors on your website (think reduced bounce rates and increased conversion rates)
  • It reduces your bandwidth and ultimately, hosting costs

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