Selecting the right domain name for your company is an important part of creating an online presence for your business - your domain name can say so much about you and your company.

1. Just as your company name, there are different ways of coming up with your domain name. If you want your domain name to be the exact name of your business, your first step would be to see if that name is still available.

You can use the domain search tool to do a query on the domain name, or you can quickly open up your web browser (ie. Internet Explorer, FireFox, Chrome, etc.) and simply type in the domain name into the address bar. See if any website comes up and you'll know if someone else already has it.

2. If the domain name is still available, your next step would be to register it. You can do so on or any other domain registrar's website.

While registering a new domain name with Doteasy automatically gives you a free Basic Web Hosting package, do keep in mind that purchasing a domain is not the same as having web hosting. When registering a domain name, you are just purchasing the rights to the name. provides complimentary Basic Web Hosting services so you can start using the domain name on a website or email accounts.

If you decide to register your domain with another company, make sure you understand whether web hosting is included or if you have to purchase hosting services separately.

If the domain name is unavailable in the .com extension, you can certainly consider the name in other domain extensions, ie. .net, .biz.

Alternatively, you can definitely consider using your company catchphrase or advertising slogan as your domain name.


  • Kellogg's owns as part of their marketing campaign for
  • is a mirrored site of the painkiller's, Tylenol, main website