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Setting up Contribute 3

Contribute 3 lets everyone in an organization publish to websites and bring them alive with up-to-date content and information. There is no easier or more affordable way to keep web content current and relevant.

This tutorial will guide you through the first steps of configuring Contribute to connect to your Doteasy server. To follow this tutorial you will need to have your Doteasy Member ID and password, a copy of Macromedia Contribute 3 installed on your computer and an internet connection.

Recommended Software: Contribute 3

Start the Contribute 3 and select My Connections... from the Edit menu.

In the My Connections window, Create... to create a new site.

Click Next to continue.

Enter your web site address (URL) and click Next.

(Replace with your own domain name)

Define your Connection Information as follows and click Next.

How do you connect to your web server? FTP
What is the name of your FTP Server?
What is the FTP username? your Member ID
What is the FTP password? your password

(passwords and IDs are case sensitive)

Fill in your name, your email address and click Next.

Click Done.

In My Connections you will now see your newly defined site. Click Close.

Contribute has now automatically connected to your site and you can begin editing and creating pages.

Congratulations! You have successfully setup your Contribute 3..

If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact our customer service team:

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