Doteasy Commerce
Appearance Settings > Edit Site Headers Text and Images

This section allows you to upload site default names/images and header text, such as Checkout, Search, Categories, My Cart, etc. You can also choose the header set from the pre-defined sets.

1. Click on the Appearance Settings option under the Cart Settings menu.

2. Click on the Edit Site Headers Text and Images link on the Appearance Settings page.

3. The Edit Site Headers page will open, as shown in the figure below.

4. Select Header Set from the pre-defined custom header set drop-down menu. Click on the Use This Set button to use the header set with the Active Language.

5. Select the language from the Choose language to edit drop-down menu.

6. Enter the header text in the Caption box. If you want to use your own image, click on the Browse button to uplaod the image for the respective sections.

7. When you are ready, click on the Save changes button to upload the header to your Doteasy Cart.

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