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Bulk Uploading of Products

You can upload product data into your Doteasy Cart using a .CSV file. Most database programs, including Excel, allow you to import or save data in this format.

Once uploaded, your Doteasy Cart will ask you which column represents which data type (Product ID, Product Name, Price, etc.). The Doteasy Cart uses the Product ID as its data key, so products with a duplicated Product ID will be overwritten with the new data.

The bulk uploading of products is a 3-step process and the new data will not be stored until the final step is completed.

Note: If your .CSV file contains more than 2000 items, we recommend you break up the file to prevent time-out issues during the data importing process.

Step 1: Uploading Settings

1. Click on the Bulk Products Loader option under the Categories & Products menu.

2. Select the category where the new products will be uploaded to.

3. Under Uploading Settings, enter the following information:
    a) Data Separator
    b) Data Update Rule - tells your Doteasy Cart what to do if there should be a duplicated Product ID
    c) Upload Products Availability

4. Use the Browse button to locate the .CSV file to upload.

5. Click on the Upload File button upload the data to your Doteasy Cart.

Step 2: Inserting Data into Database

1. The Bulk Uploading of Products (Step 2 of 3) page will open. It will display the .CSV file uploaded, the Product Category and the Data Update Rule.

2. Use the drop-down menu to select the respective title for each data column.

3. Once you are ready, click on the Insert into DB button.

Step 3: Completion

1. The Bulk Uploading of Products (Step 3 of 3) page will open. It will display the details regarding the uploaded products.

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