Doteasy Hosted WebForm :: The easiest way to contact, collect, and connect.

With the Doteasy Hosted WebForm, you can create forms for your website to collect information from your visitors. Perfect for making contact forms, order forms, or any other form you can think of.

  • Most standard input fields are available including text boxes, drop-down boxes, radio buttons, check boxes, and much more
  • The collected data is easily accessible via CSV or PDF export
  • The drag-and-drop form builder makes designing the form extremely simple
  • CAPTCHA spam protection is in place to prevent robots from spamming your form

Simple Drag and Drop Form Builder

    • Drag-and-drop form builder
    • Capacity to build simple to complex forms
    • Works on all Doteasy Web Hosting Plans
    • Copy-and-Paste Installation
    • No Scripting, No Database
    • Free to all Doteasy Members
Make Contact. Keep in Touch.
  • 1
    Drag & Drop
    Easily add input boxes, text areas, lists, drop-down boxes, checkboxes, radio buttons and more. You can rearrange fields using drag-and-drop.
  • 2
    Copy & Paste
    Just copy and paste the form code onto your webpage.
  • 3
    Make Contact. Keep in Touch.
    Build any types of forms: contact form, mailing list, application form, invitation RSVP, quizzes and more.
Features & Screenshots * Click the image to view a screenshot of the feature.

Create :: from simple to complex forms with ease.

Drag and Drop Form Builder

Add and remove fields with ease.

Standard and Fancy Fields

Build any type of email form easily with no scripting required.

One-Click Form Generator

The Doteasy Hosted WebForms require no scripting or database. Just one click and your email form will be ready to use.

Copy and Paste

Just copy and paste the generated code onto your website to start collecting data from your website.

Collect data from your website

Multi-Language Support

Need to create a email form that speaks your language? The Doteasy Hosted WebForms supports multi-languages.

Thank You Message and Redirection

You can create a custom message to your form users to let them know that their form was submitted and optionally redirect your visitors to a page of your choice.

Email Confirmation

You can choose to email a confirmation to your form users to let them know their form has been submitted.

Email Notification

Be notified instantly when someone submits your form.

Manage data

Save Email Forms

Save your email forms to our database to use again and again.

View Data

Choose between Grid View or Entry View and view your form data using the web-based interface.

Remove Submission

You can remove submitted data from your account.

Print Data

Hassle-free "Print Now" function allows you to print your form data for bookkeeping.

Data Download via PDF

You can download form data in PDF format.

Advanced :: features on the Enhanced and Professional Plans

SSL Encryption

Your form data is encrpyted to allow maximum security.

CAPTCHA Spam Control

Add a CAPTCHA field to your form and require the users to fill in the letter/number combination they see in the image.

Data Export to CSV

Generate and view reports of your submitted data with ease. These reports integrate well into most applications for mail-merge and import routines.
Key Features Basic Enhanced Professional
Maximum form supported 5 25 100
Maximum submissions stored per form 50 1000 5000
Maximum submission per month (all form combined) 100 2000 10000
Maximum number of fields per form 20 50 100
Thank You Page Confirmation and Redirection
Thank You Email Confirmation
Form data downloadable in PDF file
Form data export in Comma Separated Value (.csv) -
Secure form submissions over SSL -
Optional security text input for form users -
Monthly Fee Free US$4.95* US$8.95*
Support and FAQ
  • What can I build with Doteasy Hosted WebForms?

    The possibilities are endless. You can build:

    • Contact form
    • Survey
    • Registration form
    • Online order form
    • Mailing list
    • Application form
    • Invitations/RSVP
    • Quizzes/Test
  • Why should I use the Doteasy Hosted WebForms?
    Online email forms are the most efficient mechanism for collecting information from your website visitors. However, we understand that creating an online form can be quite tricky if you do not have any scripting or database experience.

    With the Doteasy Hosted Webforms you can skip all the technical steps because all of it is done for you. The Doteasy Hosted WebForm is a simple drag-and-drop form builder application and helps you create a professional online form without any scripting or database requirements. The one-click form generator provides you with a simple HTML code that you can easily copy and paste onto your website.

    The Doteasy Hosted WebForm works on all Doteasy web hosting plans and the Basic WebForm is available free to all Doteasy web hosting members.
  • How much does the Doteasy Hosted WebForm cost?
    All Doteasy web hosting plans come with a free Basic Doteasy Hosted WebForm. If you need more form quota and capability, you can order the Enhanced and/or Professional versions.

    The Enhanced Doteasy Hosted WebForm is offered at US$4.95/month and the Professional Doteasy Hosted WebForm is offered at US$8.95/month.

    Both plans are on a 6-month billing term.
  • What browsers does the Doteasy Hosted WebForms support?
    The Doteasy Hosted WebForm is supported on Internet Explorer 6 and higher, and Firefox 2 and higher. You may be able to log into your Hosted WebForms admin area and create forms with other browsers, but only the ones mentioned here are tested.

Free for all Doteasy Members!

Simple Drag and Drop
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