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Build your website using FREE CSS templates!

Need to build a professional looking website on a budget? Look no further. Using free CSS templates with the Starter Hosting plan gives you the best combination of functionality, flexibility, and price.

  • It’s light weight

    Typically, websites built using CSS templates use only basic HTML and CSS. This eliminates the need for scripts such as PHP giving your website much shorter loading times and enhanced stability. This also makes your website a lot more SEO friendly as this setup allows search engines to crawl your website more quickly and efficiently.

  • It’s low-cost

    Using CSS templates for your website can help you cut costs drastically. CSS templates eliminate the need for PHP meaning that you can build your website without using the more advanced PHP hosting plans. By using our Starter Hosting plan, you can host your own website as low as $3.75 a month.

  • FREE CSS Templates

    There are many websites out there that provide CSS templates for you to use. Not only are they professional looking, they’re also FREE.
    Here are some of them:

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