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Entry into our Affiliate Program is free and is open to everyone, even non-customers. We will provide you with banners, buttons and links to get you started. And of course, our great service pretty much sells itself.

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Receive up to US$70.00 cash payment for every referral!

Referral Plans: You get (US$):
1-Month Term 6-Month Term 1-Year Term or Longer
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How it works

  1. Install your referral tracking link on your website.
  2. Your referrals sign up with us by clicking on your referral tracking link.
  3. Once you have 3 unpaid referrals whose accounts have been active for 120 days, we will send you your commission payout either by cheque or Paypal.

Be sure to login to your affiliate account to track your referrals and your commission payouts! Affiliate Program Rules

We are excited to have you join our affiliate program. We will do everything we can to make you as successful as possible.

Listed below are some of the rules associated with our affiliate program.

  • Affiliates will be paid for each eligible sign-up referred to as tracked via the referral tracking link.
  • Referral accounts must maintain an active status for a minimum of 120 days in order for the referral to become eligible for payment.
  • Affiliates are paid when there are at least 3 referrals eligible for payment on their account.
  • If a referral changes its service plan or service term within the first 120 days of their sign-up, the referral commission of the lower priced plan and/or term will be paid.
  • Referrals that cancel their service, or become involved in payment disputes with, will be voided and will be ineligible for commission payout.