• Doteasy Buddy Program

  1. 1GB additional storage will be granted when a customer signs up for service and lists an existing Doteasy user as their account referrer.
  2. Both the referrer and the referral accounts must be active with no outstanding balance or payment problems before 1GB additional storage is provisioned.
  3. The 1GB additional storage upgrade is limited to one (1) per Doteasy account. Each Doteasy account will only be awarded the 1GB free storage upgrade once.
  4. This offer is available to everyone. Even if you have previously been awarded a 100MB storage upgrade, you are still eligible for this 1GB Super Buddy Program offer.
  5. Backdated Participate means that if you forgot to list referrer information on your account signup, you may do so within 7 days of your sign up day.
  6. Doteasy reserves the right to disqualify and remove an awarded 1GB free storage upgrade if the account(s) is found to be tampering with the account signup process, and/or violating the terms and conditions of Doteasy service.

It is easy! Refer somebody to the Doteasy service and receive an additional 1GB website storage for yourself and your referral. You can tell them about this great Doteasy offer using the Tell-A-Friend tool.

With the Tell-A-Friend tool you can send your referrals a simple email invitation with a special Doteasy service signup link containing your domain name as the referrer.

Hint: You may also sign up for a second account as a referral to receive 1GB additional storage FREE.

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Backdated Participation
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