Doteasy Commerce

Doteasy Commerce helps you drive traffic to your store, merchandise your products, manage your customers and much more. This complete solution provides you everything you need to create and manage a successful online storefront.

    Drive Traffic

  • Search-Engine Friendly.
    No more hard-to-understand, database-driven URLs. You can set your Doteasy Commerce cart to generate search-engine friendly, flat URLs that will help you with search engine optimization and direct page linking.
  • Complete Control over your Meta Tags.
    Enjoy complete control over your Meta Tags on all of your eCommerce pages, including home, product and catalog pages. Or, allow the tag auto-generator to provide you with tag suggestions.
  • Search-Engine Positioning.
    Upload customizable HTML pages to assist in your eCommerce site’s search engine positioning.
  • Robot.txt files supported.
    Robots are often used by search engines to categorize and archive web sites.

    Sales and Product Merchandizing and Management

  • Write more informative product descriptions.
    Create both a quick and detailed product description, use HTML in product descriptions, upload secondary images, and allow visitors to request for more information.
  • Digital Product.
    Selling a digital product? Not a problem! Sell your digital product on Doteasy Commerce and the system will assist your customer with the download after the purchase. The URL of the product will be masked for security.
  • Cross-category Product Listings.
    Products can reside in multiple categories. This promotes similar products in your store and creates up-sell opportunities.
  • Dynamic pricing
    allows your customers to add options to their order and customize their purchase.
  • Discounts and Promo Codes
    allow you easily and accurately tag which products are on sale and market your sales events.
  • “Email product to a friend”
    help you publicize your products and your online store.
  • Product data feeds to Froogle,
    to Froogle Shopzilla,,, and more.
  • Product and Sales Reports
    to track the popularity of your products, your sales, user activities, promo code usage and more. Export invoices, pricelists and reports as PDF for easy reference or accounting filing.
  • Export sales data
    to QuickBooks and other accounting programs.

    Customer Relations

  • One Page Checkout
    helps you eliminate abandoned carts in the checkout process. The entire checkout process is reduced to one simple page. This increases user-friendliness and significantly reduces cart abandonment rates - this means more completed purchases.
  • “My Account Area”
    allows your customers to view previous orders, status and track shipping. This way, you can spend more time on further sales processes and let system take care of the after-sales routines. Automated emails will keep your customers up-to-date of their order status (when order is received and shipped).
  • Newsletters and Product Update Notifications
    will keep your customers informed. A great way to create and maintain a connection with your customers.

    Customizable Payment Gateway, Shipping Methods, and Taxes

  • Accepts Credit Cards and eCheck, or set custom payment methods
    according to your customers’ needs.
  • Supports over 20 payment gateways
    including PayPal,,, HSBC, Chronopay, Versign, and more.
  • Real-time Shipping Quotes
    from UPS, USPS, Canada Post and Fed-Ex.
  • International Shipping, Free Shipping,
    or create Custom Shipping Methods.
  • Customizable tax structures
    based on the state, province and/or country.

    Advanced Security Features

  • Reduce Fraud with CW2 and AVS.
    Both features are supported in conjunction with your payment gateway. CW2 is the 3-4 digit security code on credit cards and AVS is “Address Verification”.
  • Supports HTTPS and SSL protocols.
  • Multiple Administrative Accounts.
    You can set up individual administrative accounts and limit access to particular features without the cart.

    Easy Setup and Storefront Customization

  • Web-Based Wizards and Built-In Functions
    allow you to effortlessly setup your storefront, from setting categories, uploading product images to customizing the checkout process.
  • Beginner to Web Store Building?
    Not a problem. Use the Appearance Settings feature to create a professional design without any scripting or coding knowledge. Simply pick and choose your header, add your company logo, change layout and colors and more.
  • Advanced Storefront Customization
    via the File Manage Tool or FTP. The template structure of the system lets you completely change the look of your storefront by simply modifying a few files. You can use any HTML editor to modify your templates.
  • Multilingual Storefront with Multi-currency support.
    Build a real multilingual storefront to attract customers from all over the world and increase your sales. No additional modules needed, all features are included in the system.