Doteasy Commerce

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  • Appearance: 

    The Appearance Setting feature will help you create a profession storefront design without any scripting or coding knowledge.
  • Backup: 

    Use the Backup and Restore feature to back your site files.
  • Currency: 

    Doteasy Commerce supports multi-language and currency.
  • Discounts: 

    Manage and market your sales events with the discounts features.
  • Email Notification: 

    The Automated Email feature keeps you and your clients updated.
  • Payment: 

    Over 20 payment gateways to choose from.
  • Reports: 

    Keep track of your online sales with graphs and reports.
  • Search Engine: 

    Complete control over your site's Meta Tags.
  • Shipping: 

    Real-time quotes from UPS, USPS, Canada Post and Fex-Ex.
  • Tax: 

    Customizable tax structure based on state, province and country.