Doteasy Email Protection System
Support and FAQ

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    How to order the Doteasy Email Protection System?
    The Doteasy Email Protection System is an optional email service. To add this service to your email accounts, you can submit your order via the “Add Doteasy Email Protection System” link in your Member Zone.

    The Doteasy Email Protection System is currently available at US$6.95/month on a 6-month billing term.

    You can also contact us directly to order the Doteasy Email Protection System.
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    Will Doteasy Email Protection System send me an email notification of my spam?
    Yes, by default Doteasy Email Protection System will notify you of trapped messages. The Doteasy Email Protection notification email will not allow you to click on a spam message to release it from the spam trap. Instead you will interact with Doteasy Email Protection System via the web interface. You can change your notification settings by clicking on the Preferences tab, then the notification tab and then selecting the times of day you would like to be notified.
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    What is a blacklist? What is a whitelist?
    A black list is a list of “bad” addresses or domains to refuse email from, a whitelist is a list of “good” – or known – addresses or domains to accept email from. You can have a list of these that alter how mail is delivered to you.
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    Can I make it so mail from a specific sender always gets through or is always blocked?
    Yes, if an email from a sender is in your spam trap, you can click on that email address and select the desired action. To add an address when you do not have an email in your spam trap, you would click on the “Rules” tab, then the “senders” tab and enter the email address in the field provided. Then click “Add Rule” and select the desired action. Remember to click the “Submit Changes” button after making any changes to your Doteasy Email Protection preferences.
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    What is a Spam Threshold?
    Spam Threshold is a score assigned to a piece of mail. This score is based on a set of rules that mail is checked against for known spam issues. The lower this threshold, the lower the score has to be before something is marked as “Spam”. While the spam score can vary from 0 to 10 or more, a spam threshold of spam threshold of 6.5 is considered quite lenient, while 3.5 would be considered very strict.
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    Why is some spam still getting through?
    Spam is a moving target. Often a spam gets through, but has a score. You might examine the headers of the spam to see if it did get scored, and if so possibly adjust your Spam Threshold. Another action you can take is to vote on the email to help it train the spam detection engine. To do this, locate the links at the bottom of your email to vote “Spam”, “Not Spam” or “Forget previous vote”. When you click on one of these links you will be taken to the Doteasy Email Protection System web interface. Voting the message as Spam does not blacklist the sender. It simply improves the chances of detecting similar message in the future.